5 interior trends for 2025 for apartment

Apartment interior trends 2025

Authoritative publications and well-known designers regularly tell what interior solutions will be in trend, and at the beginning of the year there are especially many such recommendations. Of course, it is not necessary to follow them thoroughly, but it is quite possible to be inspired to change and draw a couple of stylish ideas for your interior. We tell you what interior trends 2025 are suitable for a city apartment and how to adapt them with minimal effort.

Apartment interior trends 2025: Bright color accents instead of neutral interiors

Apartment interior trends 2025

The interiors in calm, neutral colors (gray, beige, pastel) are replaced by rich warm colors and bright color spots. Designers recommend paying attention to the so-called jewel tones – juicy shades of precious stones. This is a great way to take a fresh look at the familiar interior, because bright splashes of color look great on a muted neutral background and refresh the room well.

How to apply:

For example, make one of the walls in the room accent – paint it in a rich color or stick bright wallpaper. If you don’t want to start a micro-repair, then you can buy a colored chair or pouffe. Well, the easiest way to refresh the interior is with the help of bright accessories: blankets, carpets, pillows or bed linen.

For harmonious serving, it is better to use no more than three colors. Printed textiles are well diluted with plain colors, this combination is suitable for an informal meeting of the New Year. On the occasion of a gala dinner, it is better to choose white or pastel tablecloths and napkins without a pattern. The laid table looks especially stylish if you combine linen with cotton in serving, and colored jacquard with plain products.

Apartment trends 2025: convenience and comfort as a design element

Apartment interior trends 2025

This trend appeared during the pandemic, when people were forced to spend a lot of time at home and wanted to do it with maximum comfort. Interior designers, who used to often sacrifice convenience in favor of beauty, had to adapt – and comfort was born. Now there is no longer a need for self-isolation, but people are in no hurry to abandon the tactile comfort, texture, layering and smoothness inherent in this style. Such an interior seems to “hug” a person – it’s very nice!

How to apply:

The main advantage of comfort is that it does not require any specific decisions and does not have strict rules, so you can bring elements of this style into your home in a hundred different ways. For example, replace kitchen stools with upholstered chairs or add textured textiles to the interior. Comfort are also things dear to the heart that warm the soul and make you smile: for example, travel souvenirs placed on shelves or favorite photos in beautiful frames.

Interior trends 2025: Vintage Style Furniture

Apartment trends 2025

One of the most notable trends of recent years is not going to lose ground in 2025 either. Videos about how people clean up old chairs, chests of drawers, armchairs, lamps and cabinets are incredibly popular on social networks, and restored furniture is in steady demand. Vintage things in the current reading look very stylish and fit perfectly into a modern interior.

How to apply:

You can find and restore antique furniture on your own or buy ready-made furniture from restorers, but the easiest way is to purchase modern factory items stylized as vintage. This will be quite enough, because the objects do not have to be really old at all: the main thing is to convey the mood. Lamps, nightstands and chests of drawers in vintage style do it perfectly!

Trends 2025 for apartment: Layered Lighting

This trend involves the use of several light sources in one space instead of one traditional ceiling lamp. This approach gives two advantages at once: firstly, it is beautiful and cozy, and secondly, it is functional, as it helps to zone the room.

How to apply:

Take a close look at your home and figure out where you can place additional light sources. Perhaps it will be a floor lamp next to an armchair to read books, a cozy lamp above the bed, a garland that creates a mood, or even a spotlight that highlights your favorite picture (like in a museum!)

Apartment design trends 2025: Transparency

Apartment 2025

Objects made of glass, transparent plastic and epoxy resin lighten the interior and create a feeling of free space. This is especially true for small apartments, which often lack visual lightness. However, transparent things can fit into a room of any size.

How to apply:

If you are planning a renovation, take a closer look at the glass partitions. This is a spectacular and stylish way to zone a room, while maintaining space and “air” in the apartment. An easier way to add lightness to the interior is to buy a glass coffee table or a clear glass shade.

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