How To Obtain The Best Dado Blade For Table Saw On The Market

When it comes to making joints, having the best dado blade for table saw could substantially enhance your tool versatility. Check out this article if you want to improve your woodworking experience.

Whether you are a professional carpenter or simply an enthusiast, using the right tool for the right job is essential. Always pick your equipment wisely since good gears could make a difference between an acceptable result and a satisfying one. So in order to make joints efficiently and effortlessly, you must consider getting the best dado blade for table saw.

With way too many products around, it could be hard to find a suitable dado blade which matches your standards. In the case you are in need of hints and recommendations then this article shall be of use to you. Below is a guide on how to get a quality dado blade along with some excellent examples for your consideration.

You better expect a lot of conflicting opinions about products performance because there is a diversity of preferences and tastes. The perfect dado blade to someone else may not appear the same to you, therefore, never buy on a whim. To make a logical purchase, it’s best to incorporate your personal needs and project requirement into the selection process.

Top 6 best dado blade for table saw money can buy – 2018

1/ Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 42
  • Arbor: 5/8

Come from Oshlun, a well-known name in the saw blade industry, SDS-0842 is a product with excellent qualities. Having up to 16 pieces on a single stack, it’s truly a powerful stacked dado blade at an affordable price. Each of the 8 inch long blades possesses 48 teeth which guarantee fast and precise cut in most woodworking projects.

Due to the presence of C4 micro-grain carbide tips, SDS-0842 blades are really sharp and retain edge rather well. The commendable durability of the blade material means the Oshlun set could serve you for years to come. It’s able to process a wide range of wood material such as hardwood, softwood and plywood without meeting substantial resistance.

As a stacked dado blade, SDS-0842 is able to create many dado cuts from 1/4″ to 29/32″, sufficient for the average project. The chippers of the set are designed to minimize vibration while in operation which increases the cut accuracy and smoothness. Beside the dado blade itself, the purchase would provide you with a detailed installation manual and a handy storage case.

Generally speaking, SDS-0842 is a nice dado blade for woodworkers that in need of an affordable and effective product.


  • Reasonable price
  • High teeth count
  • Heavy duty case
  • Respectable accuracy


  • Quality control should be improved
  • Certain products are delivered with missing teeth
  • Some customer received the blade in a cardboard box instead of a storage case

2/ Freud SD508 8 Inches Super Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8

As an industrial grade dado blade, SD508 is a durable and rugged product that could easily last a lifetime. Belong to the SD500 Series, it would cut through everything from plywood to solid wood no problem. The 3/32″ thick chipper of the dado blade is capable of handling any undersized plywood efficiently and effectively.

The excellent 8 inch 24 teeth blades produce equal, smooth and splinter-free grooves whenever you put it to use. These blades are designed to achieve high accuracy with every cut so you don’t have to make repeated passes.

To keep the user from harm way, SD508 possesses an anti-kickback feature which considerably enhances workplace safety.

SD508 blades utilize hi-density carbide in their construction so the blades would retain admirable cut precision after numerous sharpening. The chippers employ a 4-wing body instead of the common 2-wing design, it enhances the waste removal ability. A convenient shim is also available as well, it permits you to adjust the blade width base on current need.

The limited lifetime warranty of SD508 dado blade is a notable proof of the manufacturer confidence in their product performance.


  • Sturdy and sharp
  • Deliver smooth and equal cuts
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Let you make fine blade width adjustment


  • Inconsistent quality between products
  • People complain about receiving used blades
  • The packaging is not exactly ideal

3/ DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8

An ideal product for quality conscious woodworking professionals, the DW7670 dado blade is optimized for joint cutting precision. The C4 carbide teeth ensure near splinter free operations no matter what kind of material you are using.  With heavy gauge, laser cut plates, you can sharpen the blade to obtain better accuracy without reducing its effective lifespan.

The purchase includes a tough carry case to protect the dado blade from chipping and other potential damages. S

Thanks to the stainless steel shims, DW7670 let you make micro blade width adjustment to better suit current need. Because of the 4 teeth chippers, waste removal is done in an efficient manner as you cut through the material.

While the price of the dado blade is high, the DW7670 performance surely proves that your money is well spent. Given that it’s a versatile product, you could use it for both DIY projects and professional woodworking tasks. Its ability to make consistent smooth bottom cuts make the DEWALT blade a nice addition to your table saw.

Though the DW7670 is an all-rounder product, you should not use it to process nonferrous material.


  • Make quality cuts
  • Nice carry case
  • Take little time to deploy
  • Informative instruction


  • A bit pricey
  • Some products are delivered with incorrect dimension
  • Certain quality issues

4/ Forrest DK08244 8-Inch Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8

Featuring 300-degree ATB teeth style, DK08244 is able to reduce splinter significantly and make very smooth cuts. To ensure product quality and secure customer satisfaction, the blades are hand straightened during the manufacturing process. The heavyweight of the dado blade improves its stability when you saw through thick and hard materials.

Come with a sturdy body, DK08244 can handle heavy tasks and harsh working condition without fail.  Yet even with the rough appearance, the dado blade still offer smooth and clean cuts when you use it. A sharpening service is available for Forrest customer to bring the blade quality back to its original specification.

In normal operation, the blades run rather quietly and the back side tear out is kept to the minimum level. Stay truth the handmade image, the C4 carbide teeth are hand brazed to the plate to ensure design precision. With these premium features, it’s understandable that DK08244 is well appreciated by experienced and novice woodworker alike.

You may feel that it’s costly to get the dado Forrest blade but its performance shall not let you down.


  • Admirable stability
  • Versatile performance
  • Negative face hook for improved cutting performance
  • Handmade to ensure quality


  • Quite expensive
  • Tricky to set up
  • Dimension issues in some products

5/ MIBRO 416381  8-Inch Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8

One of the most affordable products around, the MIBRO dado blade would give you accurate bottom grooves and radical cuts. Width adjustment is also available as well which range between 1/4 and 13/16 with 1/16 increment. The high-quality carbide teeth should ensure rather steady performance for the blade even when you use it regularly.

416381 come with a total of 5 chippers: four 1/8 inch and one 1/16 inch, these would simplify and accelerate the grooves making process. The blade pattern follows a basic yet efficient order: 1 straight raker teeth followed by 5 beveled cutting teeth. Couple with the negative angle hook, the dado blade shall keep the entire cutting operation more or less splinter free.

Each of the 416381 teeth is electronically welded by gully automated machine, it guarantees a suitable amount of brazing material. The formidable profile of the teeth allows them to last longer and prevent fracture when the blade is in use. Because of the anti-kickback teeth, the dado blade is very safe to use in most woodworking projects.

You would receive a compact plastics case to store and prevent the 416381 dado blade from being damaged.


  • No chipping
  • Durable case
  • Great price for the quality
  • Fine width adjustments


  • Twin teeth chippers
  • Sharp thin spacers
  • Not good enough for sophisticated tasks

6/ Irwin Tools 1811865 8-Inch Dado Blade

Via Amazon.com

  • Teeth: 12
  • Arbor: 5/8

For works that require accuracy, there is hardly a better choice than the Irwin Tools 1811865 dado blade. The blade high-grade oversized carbide teeth with flawless nonstick coating produce excellent cuts in a consistent fashion. While it’s a lightweight product, the blade is able to swiftly cut through melamine, softwood, hardwood and alike

The tension parameter of the 1811865 blade is very precise in order to raise cutting accuracy when you use it.

Due to the use of top of the line material, you could sharpen the blade without shortening its effective lifespan. Both professional and enthusiast woodworker would come to like this product performance.

Since its edge retention is not exactly good, you may have to sharpen it regularly


  • Nice price tag
  • Versatile and smooth
  • Admirable accuracy and toughness


  • Quality control could use some improvements
  • Some products are delivered in poor conditions


Characteristics of the best dado blade for table saw

  • Compatibility

While there are few variations between the dado blades, compatibility is an important issue to consider nonetheless. You must ensure that the blade specifications are able to match your saw quality along with material strength. For example, TPI (Teeth Per Inch) and hook angle are two things that you must pay extra attention to.

  • Insert plate

This is the space that the blade protrudes from so it’s an important criterion in the best dado blade search.  A customized insert plate shall come in really handy when you want to use the dado blade in best table saws under 1000$. You could either go after a zero clearance insert plate or a pre-cut one, pick whatever suit you the most.

  • Size

For most of the time, dado blades either come in a 6-inch diameter or an 8-inch diameter. Most 6-inch diameter blades work fairly well on a variety of saw no matter what is the power. On the opposite, 8-inch diameter blades are capable of making deep cuts which make them suitable for strong saws.

best dado blade for table saw on the market

best dado blade for table saw on the market

  • Type

There are two types of dado blade for you to choose: Stacked Dado Blade and Wobble Dado Blade. Depend on your skills and habits, one type could appear to be the better choice than the other. Here is a quick summary of their design style and overall effectiveness in the average woodworking project.

As the name suggests, Stacked Dado Blades employ a stack construction with exterior blades and interior chippers. It’s powerful, tough, accurate and long lasting which mean the blade type is well appreciated by serious woodworkers. Nonetheless, most blades in the category are expensive to get and quite challenging to set up properly for first-timers.

On the other hand, Wobble Dado Blades are affordable and simple to deploy which make them excellent for general use. When these blades start spinning, they also wobble and quickly cut through any wood material for joinery projects. To adjust the wobbling angle, you have to install a hub, the overall accuracy isn’t as good as stacked blades though.

  • Cost

You don’t have to buy the most expensive dado blade available but buying the cheapest product is not exactly wise. Sure enough, get the one that matches your shopping budget but don’t expect top-notch performance from dirt cheap blades. There is a close connection between the product price and its quality so you get what you pay for.

A great way to make an economical purchase is to create a quick list of desired capabilities in advance. That should save you a lot of time and money at the store since the list narrow down your options. You only have to check out blades which match the description, it’s much easier to compare their price as well.


And those are some of the best dado blades for table saw money can buy, anything catches your attention yet. It’s difficult to find a product that is able to match your standards when there are too many choices around. But with the help of this article, you could make a wise investment at the end of the day.

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