The Best Mechanic Tool Box You Could Buy on The Market

Got too many tools lying around when you are a mechanic? Then the best mechanic tool box can help organizing them.

As a mechanic, you always need to pack a lot of tools to deal with a wide range of situations. When the number of tool increases, you will need an efficient way to carry and preserve them. Of course, you can’t just stuff all of them in your shirt and pant pockets, you need a toolbox.

The best mechanic toolbox is not always the one with the highest capacity or the most expensive price tag. It must be the toolbox that you can use and store your tools conveniently and comfortably.  If you happen in need of such a product, this article could beneficial to you.

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017

You can find some great examples of a mechanic toolbox here, each of them is unique on its own. They shall match a variety of demands and needs in different conditions. Check them out and see if anything happens to catch your attention.

1/ Stack-On PB-16

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 9 x 16 x 8 In
  • Weight: 3.6 Lbs

Weight next to nothing when unloaded, the PB-16 toolbox is greatly appreciated due to its lightweight and endurance. If you want something to store several sets of tools for quick and mobile uses, this would be the ideal choice. The product compact size permits swift carries and won’t take too much space wherever you left it.

For a rather inexpensive price, you will see that this toolbox durability and capacity worth more than its cost. Employing high strength plastic and tough steel clasp, PB-16 shall remain functional for quite a long time.  For additional safety, this toolbox provides you with a padlock loop on the latch to safeguard its contents.

Design for professional uses, the toolbox lets you store and divide your items very logically. The interior dimension should be able to fit an adequate number of tools for common tasks. Its top tray is very handy and you can quickly remove it to access to the compartment below whenever you need.


  • Light, compact and mobile
  • Sufficient storage space for general uses
  • A standard choice for light duty tasks


  • Customers complain about chemical odor in several products
  • Lack diversity in tool arrangement


Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 21.4 x 14.2 x 15.9 In
  • Weight: 13.2 Lbs

Dewalt is a well know brand for delivering quality mechanic goods and this toolbox is not an exception. Support an admirable weight of up to 110 lbs couple with strong walls, the DWST08204 is an excellent product. Its water resistant seals and tough yet reliable latches ensure absolute safety for the tools inside and ease of operation.

Manufactured as one of the ToughSystem lines of product, you can stack with others toolbox and chest from the same category. In case that you ever feel tired carrying the toolbox at its full load, you can attach with a trolley.  Being a purposely designed accessory, the trolley offers a convenient way to transport the toolbox through long distances.

Due to a very efficient interior arrangement, you can easily organize and manipulate your items inside the toolbox.  You can fit in most medium size tools with little problem thanks to the rather spacious structure. Common used and light tools should be laid on the top tray and the rest in the compartment below.


  • A tough and sturdy toolbox
  • Perform great for its price
  • Generous capacity
  • Multiple attachment points for your tools


  • Handles are prone to breaking
  • Quality control could use some improvements

3/ Silverline Model 196114

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 0.3 x 0.6 x 0.3 Cm
  • Weight: 1.4 Kg

A product with a roomy storage space and very portable, Silverline Model 196114 is a great toolbox. Suitable for both amateur and professional mechanic, it got respectable durability at a very lightweight.

Made from high strength alloy and shock resistant polypropylene, the toolbox can endure years of impacts and still operate normally.

The container space consists of a detachable tray at the top portion for your often used tools and components. When more sophisticated needs arise, the tray can be removed to give access to the bottom portion of the box. You can store a wide range of tools with different shapes and sizes in this part.

Thanks to the convenient handles and compact body, you can transport and carry this toolbox around without much difficulty. It also got a rather flashy appearance so you are less likely to trip over the box or forget it by mistake.  The metal clasps keep the lid tightly closed so not a single tool can fall out without your notice. For extra safety, there is lock hole so you can secure the box with a padlock.


  • Light and tough
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry


  • Only have two primary compartments
  • Not good for medium to heavy-duty tasks

4/ Stanley STST19410

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 18.9 x 10.2 x 9 In
  • Weight: 3.9 Lbs

A toolbox for busy mechanics that constantly on the move, STST19410 from Stanley prioritizes mobility above all. The latching mechanism is built in a way that you can operate it with one hand. Its top handle is comfortable to hold and balance the toolbox even when it reaches maximum load.

One convenient feature of this box is the two external quick access compartments right on its lid. While the compartments don’t have enough space for usual tools, you can easily fill them with extra components. The plastic covers of these storage sections shut very tight so they won’t open by mistake.

The tray inside the toolbox is fully detachable which is very beneficial when you need to carry large size tools. All you need to do is take it out and then you can casually load the bottom compartment with anything you want. Walls and lid are sturdy so they can handle a certain degree of shocks and vibration, do try to keep it safe though.


  • A basic and reliable design
  • Perform great for its cost
  • Small and compact dimension


  • Not good for outdoor use
  • Unsuitable for medium and heavy-duty tasks

5/ Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet with Wheels

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 28 x 22.9 x 34.5 In
  • Weight: 94.6 Lbs

A toolbox that can handle even the heaviest tool, the Seville Classics offer immense storage space and multiple compartments. Using stainless steel, each of the toolbox sections is tough yet still operate very smooth. The casters system permits a comfortable and effective method to move the Seville Classics around.

Supporting up to 300 Lbs worth of tool and different size storage areas, it can be stored with a wide range of tool.  Should you need something that can fit your entire toolset in itself, you probably should check out this product right here. The presence of the locking system also makes it a safe and secure way to protect your precious tools.

Seville Classics did require assembling before you can actually use it and that may a few hours to complete. The instruction that comes with the product is easy to understand and follow so this isn’t a really big issue.  They even give you a magnetic screwdriver to assist you in the assembling process.

The top surface of the toolbox can be employed as a temporary working ground. It made from thick hardwood so you can arrange your tools and components right on it before putting them inside.


  • Sturdy and spacious
  • High loading capacity


  • Need to be assembled before use
  • Limited mobility

6/ Excel TB2105X

Top 6 best mechanic toolbox on the market – 2017


  • Sizes: 26 x 16 x 12 In
  • Weight: 51 Lbs

Using solid steel with scratch resistant coating, the Excel TB2105X is a toolbox that can withstand a lot. It got up to five quick draw slides that can be stored with plenty of tools and components. The slide mechanism employs a ball bearing design so it’s reliable and durable under heavy usages.

There is also the presence of a double locking system which helps to protect every tool you put into the TB2105X. These locks keep the box contents safe and make sure the drawers won’t accidentally open if being sway. The beautiful paint finish gives it a fresh and optimistic outlook to use in your daily tasks.

If you wish for a toolbox that can handle heavy loads, you won’t be disappointed with this product. Each of the drawers can be easily stored with as much as 50 lbs worth of tool and still function perfectly. Its side handles permit easy transport and carry which should require not too much time and effort.


  • A high-quality product at an affordable price
  • Well organized sections with multiple drawers
  • Hold the tools well
  • Great endurance


  • Slightly bulky and heavy
  • Some customer received damaged and rusted products
  • Only suitable for stationary uses

Features and specifications of a good mechanic toolbox

  • Organized, well-divided compartments and acceptable dimensions

It’s really annoying when you have to dig through a heap of tool to search for the one you need. So if you are shopping for a toolbox, make sure that its storage space is logically arranged. Your working efficiency depends a lot on how fast you can find and take out needed tools from the toolbox.

However, an overcomplicated and complex toolbox is not the good choice, either. The reason is that this type of toolbox is usually expensive and you may never fully use all of its features. Buying them is nothing but a waste of money so make sure that you can get the most out of your toolbox choice.

For the storage size, a suitable toolbox must be able to take in every necessary tool of yours. If you wish to be highly mobile with the toolbox, it must meet the ideal capacity while remains light. A bulky and heavy toolbox shall weight you down which is not good even if it got high storage space.


  • Great durability, reliability and ease of use

You probably got some heavyweight tools so the toolbox should be tough enough to withstand vibrations and shocks. A product with thin and fragile walls may get cracked after impacts and either damage or lose the tool inside. That is why endurance is among the top requirements for a usable and practical mechanic toolbox.

Next to durability, reliability and ease of use are also important priorities to look for in a toolbox. Once again, the price tag doesn’t mean much if one toolbox seems to be much cheaper than other products. What you need to need are the smooth operations of the toolbox lid, hinges and latches so don’t bother saving some bucks.

  • Additional features and warranty

While not really an influential factor in itself, to get some extra features besides the toolbox is not going to hurt. From transparent covers to spare trays and even magnetic locks, these can come in handy later on. So if you are having a hard time picking between several excellent products, you can turn to this criteria to make a decision.

Finally and not any less important than anything else is the warranty provided by the toolbox manufacturer. An attractive warranty and nice after – purchase policies are always worth considering no matter what the product is. So keep an eye out for any associated benefits the products can offer and compare them to each other.


Usually, a toolbox with a long warranty tends to show that its manufacturer is quite confident in the product quality.  This means if you can’t tell the products quality from the outside, the warranty is a nice indication. Do remember to check out all the conditions that come with the warranty though in order to make a wise purchase.


And that is pretty much everything, not too difficult to absorb, right? But if you want to own the best mechanic toolbox, you will need to consider every product characteristic. Only by comparing that to your own requirements and preferences then you can make a logical choice.

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