How to Obtain The Best Screwdriver Bit Set Available & Several Examples

Whether you are just a normal house owner or a professional mechanic, the screwdriver is an important tool to have. But no matter how simple task can be, you will struggle to complete without using the right tool at the right time. In the screwdriver case, a suitable choice of bit set will allow you to finish any job effectively and effortlessly.

A bit set consists of many bits that will fit a variety of screw heads that you may encounter around. With the best screwdriver bit set, your screwdriver will be readily deal with almost all stubborn screws you may face. If you happen to be in need of one, this article will be useful to you

Characteristic of a suitable and practical bit set

  • Type

An inappropriate use of a bit on the screw is highly discouraged since it may damage the head slit. Each screw head nominally accepts only one type of bit you match to meet this requirement. Using a Philip bit on a slat head screw can lead to undesirable results so try to be careful

That being said, a bit should have several different types of bits that can be used on common screws. There are approximately 14 – 16 types of screws and their equivalent bits but luckily, you never need that much. For most of the time and base on your requirement, a bit set with around 3 – 6 types is sufficient.


It’s also worth the time to consider the material that made of the bit types. If you don’t have any particular demands, bits that utilize stainless steel are enough for most usual tasks. But if you want something strong, tough and reliable for frequent heavy-duty usages, bits with titanium coating is your best bet.

  • Sizes

Next to the type, the bit size is also an important a factor in tight and proper screwing. If the bit is too big, it will be unable to drive into the head. If it’s too small, the bit won’t have a good fit to the screw head slot.


Forcing the bit onto the head will risk damaging the head in the same level as using the wrong type of bit. So it’s vital that you select a bit set with multiple size choices for each bit type. Choosing the right type of bit and a correct size will guarantee an easy time inserting or removing a screw

  • Miscellaneous

Besides the bits size and type, it’s not going to hurt if you also check out other beneficial features. For an example, bits with a magnetic tip are excellent when it comes to tight and deep spots. The bit can securely hold the screw on its tip so you don’t have to worry that it may fall down.

An ergonomic and non – slippery handle will be a nice complement to go with the bit set. Of course you can always use your current one but the handle of bit set is a more reliable alternative.  It can significantly raise your efficiency with the screw while also reduce wrist fatigue so you can work better and longer.

Finally, a durable and portable container to safely store the bit set is necessary nerveless. Look for a case that got a transparent lid with thick dividers that split into sections for each of the bit. Therefore, the bit will be kept very organized and you can easily the bit you need at moment notice.

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017

1/ IRWIN (1840315)

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 4.4 x 22.2 x 24.1 Cm
  • Weigh: 545 Gr
  • Number of pieces: 33

Employ high manufacturing standard and top of the line material, the IRWIN 1840315 is a wonderful product to buy and own. Using quality steels that gone through precise forging processes, each of the bit can last for years under heavy uses. The corrosion resistant layer of Black Oxide ensures that the 1840315 will have a fairly long time and still look like new.

The storage case of the bit set uses magnetic holders to keep the bits neatly in place. It’d also allow quick insert and removal so you can readily take out any bit you want when a need arises. When you are done, the bit will be returned into the case with ease.

Three types of bits can be found in this product which is the Phillips, Square Recess and Torn at 13 sizes. Socket adapter, nut setters and power bits are also present so you can deal with virtually any screw positions. If you want a robust and versatile bit set, you can go wrong with this one right here


  • Great price for the bits quality
  • Excellent endurance and reliable
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Some products are damaged when delivered to customer
  • Forcing large size bits into smaller sections by mistake will make them stuck tight


Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 5.1 x 1.8 x 10 In
  • Weigh: 7.2 Oz
  • Number of pieces: 5

The Prime-Line BW011124 is a rather innovative product in which the bit set is within the screwdriver body. By revolving the transparent bit component, you can engage and use the desired bit with only one hand. It’s really convenient if mobility is your primary concern and you don’t want to accidentally lose a bit.

At a very cheap price, this product delivers admirable performance and strongly built which makes it a wise investment. Each of the bits is also magnetized so screws will stick to them as long as you want.  Therefore, if you have to reach into narrowed or awkward places, the BW011124 is the product that can suit the condition

It’s somewhat limited on the number of bit types which only got Philips and Slotted at 5 different sizes. But you can always replace them with other bits should you ever need new ones instead of the originals. The replacement bits must come at the length of 1 In to work properly in this product though.


  • Slim profile and very light
  • Very handy to use and change current bits
  • You will never lose any bit while using this product
  • Everything comes at such a cheap price


  • Low number of bit types and sizes
  • Incompatible to other bits that are shorter or longer than 1 In
  • The engaging operation is not very smooth

3/ Milwaukee 48-32-1551

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 3 x 1 x 2 In
  • Weigh: 1.4 Lbs
  • Number of pieces: 42

Packing enough bit for the average uses and unique applications, the Milwaukee 48-32-1551 offer respectable flexibility to its user. Every bit in the set is heat treated steel and carefully forge to ensure maximum hardness and precision. They will form a durable connection with the handle and securely grip the screw head without tripping or slipping.

Using the highest quality material available, the bits in the product allow a solid performance no matter what. The durability and toughness of 48-32-1551 are its most notable features which can be felt right away. It would take a really long time before you see any signs of damage and consider a replacement

Contain 42 pieces with 5 bit types at 28 different sizes, this product pack a lot of benefits and uses for its price. It offers you an answer to pretty much any commercial screws you may encounter in your entire life. If you want a set with tough bits, the 48-32-1551 will definitely meet your taste with its versatility and endurance.


  • A great product for the price
  • Will match almost all screw head
  • Light container with organized compartments
  • Timely deliveries
  • Easy to use and adaptable


  • Rust stains may form if expose to salty atmosphere
  • Certain products come without the usual package

4/ Bosch T4021

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 6.2 x 4.1 x 1.7 In
  • Weigh: 8.3 Oz
  • Number of pieces: 21

Fit well in a nylon container, the Bosch T4021 bit set is extremely light and compact which makes it great for portable uses. When you need to take it with you, the nylon pouch has a belt on the back for easy transportation. Its bit compartment employ sew in loops to secure the bit while still allow quick removal

Each bit of this set utilizes well-thought design and high-quality material so they are strong and effective at their task. The tips of every bit are processed very carefully so it won’t slip from the screw head even after years of usages. Thanks to the toughness and reliability, you can use them for quite sometime before and considerable issues arise.

While the container is relatively small and insignificant, the T4021 pouch contains an impressive number of bits inside.  With 21 pieces of 3 bit styles at 7 different sizes, it’s a great choice for on the move and unexpected screwing tasks. Should you need a bit set for light duty projects around your house, this set will be sufficient as well.


  • Very light and compact
  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Really cheap
  • Convenient nylon pouch


  • Lack a variety of size when there are up to 21 pieces
  • Unsuitable for medium and heavy-duty tasks

5/ DEWALT DW2166

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 4.4 x 22.2 x 22.2 Cm
  • Weigh: 544 Gr
  • Number of pieces: 45

A special design that let the bit work on both the screwdriver and a drill, the Dewatl DW2166 is very versatile for its cost. Manufacture with high-quality material and modern technology, you will see that each of the bit is very strong and durable. Since you can use the bit on your drill as well, you are technically buying one for two here.

The container case of the DW2166 uses industrial plastic so it got considerable strength which helps to protect the bits. In the bit compartment, each bit is kept in place by two reliable plastic holders that also permit easy removal. You probably have to slide the bit back later instead of forcing it in frontally though.

DW2166 supply you with 45 pieces of 7 bit styles at more than 15 sizes, most common screws can deal with ease by this kit. Since these bits are designed to be used on the drill as well, you can attach them to any standard drill chuck. Whether you use them on a screwdriver or a drill, each of the bits will work spectacularly


  • Tough container case
  • The bits are versatile and durable
  • Perform well on both the drill and the screwdriver
  • Convenient to use and handle


  • Inconsistent quality. Certain bits degrade fairly fast when use frequently

6/ Anytime Tools 101 pc

Top 6 best screwdriver bit set on the market 2017


  • Sizes: 9.9 x 3.4 x 3.3 In
  • Weigh: 1.9 Lbs
  • Number of pieces: 101

If you want a bit set with a lot of bits then you probably feel that the AT 101 Tamper Proof set is a satisfying choice. The AT 101 contains a large number of bits that make it among the highest capacity bit set on the market. You can find any bit that will fit the popular screw heads to more unique and less common ones.

This set will offer you up to 101 pieces of 16 bit styles at 95 different sizes, you can hardly find any screw that can’t match at least one of the bit here.  The especially large number of bit is held together on a secure tray. Each bit is kept very tight by the tray, even if you hold the tray upside down, not a single bit will fall down.


  • High capacity
  • Got a wide range of bits types and sizes
  • High quality and durable bits
  • Remain light and compact even with so many bits


  • The tray doesn’t have any top cover
  • Low quality and complex handle
  • Not good at handing deep or small screws


And that is pretty much, quite a lot of information, right? However, if you want to select the best screwdriver bit set to use, the information here is needed to make a comprehensive comparison. Only by making a careful and precise comparison then you can decide which of the products above is good for you.

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