Best Tool Bags For Electricians: How To Be Prepared For Anything

Everything you need to know about the best tool bags for electricians is here! Read up and save the questions. I hope this list helps! If you have any queries, feel free to comment. Happy tool bag hunting!Tool Bags For Electricians


Shopping for bags isn’t only a woman’s thing. If your profession involves handling a set of tools or handy equipment, choosing a bag is crucial. It can make or break your work habits, and it may or may not help you save effort and observe safety.

So what do you need to know about choosing the best tool bag for electricians?

Tool Bags and What They Should Be

Tool bags, just like any other kind of bags, come in different sizes, shapes, material, and functionality. Depending on your need for an electrician, you need to pick carefully among these factors. Let us go through each of them to know the points you need to consider.

Cost of Tool Bags

Today, tool bags can range from as cheap as $15 to around $80. The cheapest in this range is an essential instrument bag that is small but very portable. On the other hand, the pricier ones are the heavy-duty ones that are used in large-scale handyman work.

A lot of handymen think they should not be spending too much money on it. However, sacrificing the quality of the tool bag just to save money may not be the wisest decision.

If you are going to use it for a living, you better invest in a high-quality bag. Purchase something you can use and can last several years. You would not want to keep on changing and buying new ones every time.

Space-saving Quality of Tool Bags

This should be one of our priorities for many reasons. One, you will never know when you will need to add more tools as you find better brands and functions. In this case, you will need a spare space.

Also, it’s important that you don’t carry your tool bags with the tools overflowing as it may not be safe. You don’t just pack everything in too because you wouldn’t want to ruin the bag itself.

It also helps to have a bag that has several pockets inside and out. This space-saving quality will save you when you need to store super small accessories that are easily lost. You no longer have to worry when you’re working up on the electric post, and you need to a screw.

Type of Tool Bags

Now, this concerns two things: the functionality or convenience of the bag and your taste. I know these two do not always go along. That may even be the reason why you have reached this article looking for the right bag, right?

You have to know the type that would go best with your body type and condition. That is a primary consideration. If you are the type to have a backpack, go for it. But if your back is too tired and you couldn’t afford to strain it, then go for a belt bag.

A sling bag could be nice if you are a natural light packer. A handbag could be a good one too, but only if you are not prone to losing valuables. If you are buying at a physical store, check the mirror too. Find out what works best and fits your preferred look.

The manufacturer

Now, this may sound very meticulous, but it helps. It contributes to knowing the manufacturing company that makes it because good reputation means good product.

Some people even think it matters where the bag is made. Most USA-made bags are known to be durable, but most China-made bags are cheaper. So again, it is a battle of the quality and the cost.

Each brand also has their signature feature that you should be on the lookout for. Each one sports a good number of compartments and pockets, and of course, unique designs.


Of course, this matters the most. It is really up to you to figure out which features fit your needs. You can go for a bag that has a humongous number of pockets but still finds it not useful.

The standard features for you to take note are the material, the stitches and weave placements, the thickness and thinness. Then you also have to check the straps, the padding, the width and depth of the pockets.

The tools that you already have are the biggest factors here. If it is possible for you to bring them while you shop for your tool bag, then go for it.

It is not just a matter of which bag has the newest features. It will still and always be the durability and how long it can last. These two are the most important factors to consider if you are a professional electrician.

For other tips, notes and reminders as to what bags to choose, check out

Top 5 Best Tool Bags for Electricians

1. Crazy Ants ReelCrazy Ants Reel

Key Features: This organizer contains a total of 25 pockets. It can be easily rolled and buckled for carrying and easy storage. The length of the bag extends to 27.1 inches, and the width of 13.8 inches.


  • It is perfect for when the handyman or electrician is always on the go or needs to hurry up. It is easy to pack up and carry.
  • The straps are clip-on, so you won’t have to worry about locks on the loose.
  • The pockets are wide enough to fit wide tools.
  • The pockets have covers to secure tiny accessories like screws.
  • It can easily be stored and is space-saving since it can be rolled and easily strapped.
  • It can hold several flat tools at the same time.
  • The insides of the bag are padded with rubber. This helps protect the tools from wearing in case of rain or too much heat.
  • It is good quality for the cost as it is basic but very functional.


  • The bag is a little too thin, even when it is already rolled up and locked.
  • The bag may only be convenient for packing and holding flat tools. Super round and edged tools may be too bulky to put in and might tear the pockets easily.

2. Custom Leather Craft 1528custom Leather Craft 1528

Key Features: This tool carrier and organizer is a box-type organizer that helps prevent the tools from falling off.  It contains a total of 21 pockets—14 on the outside, and seven on the inside. The package includes plastic trays that can hold other accessories and slide at the sides and bottom of the bag.


  • This bag is made out of leather. It is durable and cannot easily be worn and torn even by the size of the tools.
  • The handle of the bag is double padded to make sure the bag does not fall off. You won’t have to worry about the weight of what’s inside.
  • You can convert this bag from a handbag to a shoulder bag with its extra strap.
  • The plastic trays come in handy for small parts. They can be conveniently placed at the bottom inside or at the side pockets.
  • You can easily cram on packing the tools when you are in a hurry or on the go. The pockets are wide enough for you to do that.


  • There are no loops available for when you need to store nut drivers.
  • Some of the pockets are too deep, and you cannot reach with your hands. You will end up just storing the long tools like pliers.
  • Even with its leather coat, the pockets may sag quickly especially when you use it every day. That may not be convenient if you need to go up a roof or a post.

3. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CCMcGuire-Nicholas 526-CC

Key Features: This pouch has a professional-looking bag made of leather matches the shapes and size of most essential tools. It has a tape clip chain shaped like a letter T to secure its hold. It is guaranteed durable with its hard and thick material and texture.


  • This pouch has holders and pockets that are specially made for the basic electrician tools like flashlights. It even has a holder for keys and tape measure.
  • It can hold all tools and make it possible for the electrician not to feel all bulky.
  • Since it does not feel super heavy unlike other pouches, it does not strain the back.
  • You can store a set of pliers, dykes, tin snips, voltage tester, utility knife and even markers.
  • It has wide spaces, so you will not have to worry about the tools overlapping or hitting one another.
  • Because it is made with durable material, it can last long—around six months as a minimum.
  • The stitches are well placed and are solid, especially for the pockets.
  • For the kind of leather used, it is a whole lot cheaper than other electrician tool bags.


  • Because of its material, it feels a little hard at first. You still have to rub it with oil and use it frequently before it could feel “normal.”
  • It has a slightly thin belt which may snap quickly through time. You will then have to replace it with a much thicker belt.

4. Snap-On 870110 20-Inch Wide Mouth Tool BagSnap-On 870110 20-Inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag

Main Features: This tool bag created by Snap-on is made out of polyester that is water-resistant. It highlights its wide mouth feature that makes putting in big tools easier for the user. It contains a total of 20 pockets for both inside and outside.


  • This item is a shoulder-type tool bag and is meant for carrying and traveling. You do not just strap it to your waist but keep everything in and secure them.
  • The shoulder strap that comes with it is adjustable and is padded. You will not have to worry about straining your shoulder blades when you need to carry the bag for long hours.
  • The bag is extensive (20 inches), so you can fit in all the big basic tools like hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.
  • The stitches are robust and placed correctly. That means the material is not that prone to easy wear and tear.
  • Because it is made with durable material, it can last long—even up to years!
  • It has an extra protector material at the bottom that can secure your tools even when they are heavy. The polyester will not get easily scratched or torn.
  • It has an ID and badge windows where you can place your ID’s or cards correctly.


  • The pockets are a little too shallow so it may not hold very long tools. They may not be ideal for keeping small accessories like keys too.
  • It is a little hard to balance the items inside while you are carrying it. The weight of the tools does not evenly distribute. That may not be ideal for when you are up a roof or a post.
  • It may not be too convenient for when you can only use one hand to get the tools inside.

5. Klein Tools 554171814 Tradesman Pro Organizer Extreme Electrician’s BagKlein Tools 554171814 Tradesman Pro Organizer Extreme Electrician's Bag

Main Features: This bag is designed for professional use as it contains a total of 78 pockets. It has padding at the bottom which helps hold heavy tools securely. It is stitched and weaved (1680D) for extra durability.


  • This bag can hold several tools simultaneously with the whopping 78 pockets. That is a number that overthrows other tool bags.
  • It is 10 inches deep so that you can store tools vertically.
  • The bottom of the bag is fully padded and molded to make sure it does not rip off. That is perfect for when you need to store hammers and other drivers.
  • The bag has bars that serve as locks so that even when you leave the bag, it does not prop open.
  • The bag is overall well constructed and well designed for a professional electrician’s use.
  • You can fit up to 20 pounds of tools in it and not get it ripped off. That means the bag can last up to years of proper use.
  • It has wheels at the bottom so that you can transport the bag more quickly.


  • Because of the lock bars, it may be tough to bring the tools out of the bag. You will have to open the bag with one hand and retrieve the tools with the other.
  • The zippers may not that be stitched well so overusing it can cause the zipping mechanism to break.


So there you have it! Those are the top 5 best tool bags for electricians. If you were to ask me, I’d say you should go for the McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Professional Electrician’S Pouch.

I choose this particularly because the pros outweigh all the cons listed. And apparently, the cons are things you can quickly adjust to. Also, it is designed to fit the needs of a professional electrician, so it still appears to be the best.

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