How To Make A Log Splitter With A Hydraulic Jack In 6 Steps

A log splitter is handy when it comes to splitting logs because of its much higher efficiency compared to an axe. With the advance of technology, many manufacturers have released hydraulic-piston based log splitter into the market. The new mechanism allows you to quickly finish a cord of wood on your own in a couple of hours.

Yet the price tag of such product is not always a good match to your wallet. In that case, this article shall show you how to make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack. It’s not difficult and you can produce a hydraulic log splitter for your own use with little expense as well.

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The Best Mechanic Tool Box You Could Buy on The Market

Got too many tools lying around when you are a mechanic? Then the best mechanic tool box can help organizing them.

As a mechanic, you always need to pack a lot of tools to deal with a wide range of situations. When the number of tool increases, you will need an efficient way to carry and preserve them. Of course, you can’t just stuff all of them in your shirt and pant pockets, you need a toolbox.

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