Designing a wardrobe – 10 tips for ordering with style

Hang up jackets, coats and hats: Coat hooks at different heights are a must for residents and guests. In addition, the extravagant elements can function as their own stylistic device.

Clever storage space

One wardrobe should not replace the actual wardrobe, but it must offer storage space. Winter clothing, children’s toys and pet accessories fit into small dressers and decorative boards.


Very few hallways have natural light, especially in city apartments. Bright ceiling lights bring light into the darkness or a neat table lamp welcomes the residents into a cozy atmosphere.

Storage spaces

Keys, tissues and cell phones are immediately at hand. Side tables and wall cabinets can be installed for this purpose.


Most people check one last time before leaving the house, so a wall or full-length mirror is a must. In addition, mirrors visually enlarge small hallways.

Tip 2 – Combine boards

The combination of high and low conjures up a homely atmosphere and a balanced overall picture. In conjunction with coat hooks, the combination of hanging board and lowboard is an absolute classic. The hanging board is ideal for hanging up smaller accessories and items of clothing, such as hats and scarves. Shoes or bags fit into the lowboard. Drawers or cabinet compartments in white with stainless steel handles look simple and modern.

Tip 3 – the typical L-shape

The L-shape is practical, special and suitable in almost every hallway. The classic wardrobe layout, consisting of a narrow cupboard and a lowboard, even fits into a hallway with short walls. Handleless doors and drawers with Push-to-open technology create a uniform front and the appearance does not appear overcrowded. Discreet hook racks perfectly complement a delicate wardrobe.

Tip 4 – inconspicuous storage space

Flawless, discreet and almost invisible built-in cupboards that perfectly fill a niche. This wardrobe style is suitable for a minimalist living style or for anyone who prefers practical furnishings. The invisible storage space also helps if you don’t have a real hallway. If the entrance area does not leave enough space to store shoes and lay out a doormat, the storage space solves the room situation discreetly and saves space. This setup also looks elegant.

Tip 5 – under the slope

At first glance, there is hardly any space for a wardrobe under a sloping staircase and this construction often seems like wasted space. That’s part of the past! Manufacturers develop unusual wardrobes with slopes that provide valuable space under the stairs. With a closet like this, residents don’t have to do without additional storage space and shelves and can optimally store large and small items with the right furniture.

Some sellers offer custom-made furniture. Interested parties can discuss their wishes and needs with professionals on site or configure their wardrobe with millimeter precision online.

Tip 6 – a bench as a special extra

If you want to add a bench to your wardrobe, you can further expand the combination of hanging board and lowboard. Decorative accessories, such as cushions with fabric covers in matching colors, beautify a simple bench and appropriately decorate the furniture set-up.

Depending on the variant, the cushions accentuate the bench and transform a simple wardrobe into a cozy place where getting dressed is fun. The arrangement looks cleverly placed, especially next to the guest toilet. After the toilet, the visitor can get dressed in peace or simply put down their handbag. Many visitors welcome such luxury!

Tip 7 – Decoration in the small hallway

A small hallway is not an argument for a purely functional placement of furniture. Ultimately, residents and guests want to feel comfortable in the house and enjoy the ambience. Posters and large pictures visually overwhelm a small hallway; there must be enough space available for such items. Instead, small, flat murals, perhaps in the form of a photo collage, are suitable for a narrow hallway.

Wall tattoos or decorative wreaths are suitable as an alternative to collecting pictures. If you don’t want to hang decorations, you should create nice contrasts when painting the wall. Artistic talent replaces many a picture here.

A hanging mirror makes the room appear larger and is a good friend for one last look before leaving. Most mirrors can be easily mounted on the wall and save space on the floor. This means that a hanging mirror does not take up any extra space in an already narrow room.

Tip 8 – illuminate imaginatively with strips

Floor lamps take up unnecessary space and quickly appear out of place in a cloakroom. However, lighting is necessary even in a small hallway, especially if there are no windows in the hallway.

LED lighting strips are a clever lighting concept and a wonderful design idea for a small hallway. The energy-efficient ones can be easily installed as indirect lighting and create a cozy lighting atmosphere. Depending on the model, the color of the LEDs can be changed manually.

Individual light spots placed at regular intervals are also a good solution. These spots specifically accentuate the wardrobe and illuminate the furniture in a pleasant way.

The general rule is: only equip a small hallway with light sources to save space.

Tip 9 – Plants in the wardrobe

If you don’t want to do without green: potted and house plants that require little light naturally conjure up colors in the hallway. Artificial plants are a good alternative for people who don’t have a green thumb. However, artificial plants do not require water. It is enough to dust the fabric flowers regularly.

Evergreen holly, spider plants or fresh flowers in a vase add pretty splashes of color to a simple hallway.

By the way: Plant lights provide additional light in the hallway in an original way.

Manufacturers are now producing artificial plants that look deceptively real. These enhance the ambience unspeakably!

Tip 10 – Let colors work

Light colors visually enlarge a room: This is important to consider when choosing the right color. The hallway cannot be physically expanded, so the only option is to play with the look. With a suitable color concept you can get a lot out of a small, narrow hallway. When choosing light colors, a narrow hallway looks much more spacious. Colors such as white or beige are suitable for this. If you don’t want to do without colorful walls, you can paint the walls in pastel colors.

Light walls harmonize very well with a light wardrobe and emphasize the open atmosphere. Dark furniture for the cloakroom should be avoided as it makes the hallway appear smaller. On the other hand, home accessories in light colors decorate the wardrobe attractively and act as a targeted splash of color that achieves the desired result.

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