How light determines the ambience in different rooms

The living room: where direct and indirect light meets

In which room do we spend the most time in the apartment? Right, in the living room. High-quality lighting is a must. It’s not just about functionality, but very much about the atmospheric contribution of the light. In addition to ceiling lighting, many apartment owners rely on indirect lightwhich looks a little more discreet, especially during TV evenings, and provides the right mix of functionality and charm.

Indirect light is light sources that do not shine directly into the room. Rather, objects such as cupboards, sofas or showcases are used as a surface from which the light is reflected. In contrast to direct light, indirect light is perceived as softer and is distributed more moderately in the room.

Disturbing glare effects are also eliminated results in a clearer TV picture, without there having to be complete darkness. Indirect light also has its advantages at celebrations in the living room by creating a calm ambience.

The bathroom: Install daylight and artificial light sources

The situation in the bathroom is completely different than in the living room. Although the atmosphere also plays an important role here, functionality is more important.

The light must be reliably protected from water in order to be able to do its job. In addition, the right lighting for the bathroom has a significant influence on how we start the day and end it in the evening.

Therefore, as best as possible should Daylight as a natural light source to get integrated. There are special windows that can ideally concentrate the sun onto the room. In addition, there are stylish mirror lights that diffuse the light discreetly in the bathroom and also provide a good view of cosmetic details. Indirect light and dimmable lights are also used if the bathtub is used more often.

The Kitchen: Several areas need lighting

Of all the rooms, lighting in the kitchen is the most important. The difficulty is not to neglect individual work areas despite all the focus on general lighting. Despite all of this, we still want to feel comfortable so that cooking can take place under the right conditions. LED lights can be placed on the worktop or on the cupboards and guarantee the right accentuation of sensitive areas.

However, what apartment owners choose always depends on personal preferences and the type of kitchen. Rustic old kitchens often need brighter light, while modern kitchens appear less intrusive with subtle colors due to their lighter basic tone.

The same applies to the influence of the material used. Stone slabs generally require less accentuation, while wood looks even more elegant with indirect lighting. Therefore, if you want to redesign your kitchen, you can experiment with different lighting and light colors and get amazing results.

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