Pro Guide on How to Attach The Trellis to The Wall Without Drilling

You need to set up a trellis on a wall in your garden but don’t want to do any drilling? Well that is going to put you in a tough spot but it’s perfectly normal that you want to preserve the wall. And this article got just what you need to solve that issue. You can learn how to attach the trellis to the wall without drilling right below. You can do all of this by yourself with common tools around the house.



So you want to put in your garden several sets of trellis along growing vine as decorative. But then you don’t want to screw or nail the trellis into the wall since that going to weaken the wall integrity, damage its appearance or you have pipes or wires run inside the wall. Either way, you can’t afford to do any drilling here but you still need a way to securely attach the trellis to the wall. Well then you are in luck since this article got some helpful instructions on how to attach trellis to wall without drilling.

There are several ways to attach the trellis to the wall and drilling is arguably the easiest of all, albeit it will require you to create some sizable holes on the wall exterior. But then even that is not always possible such as when your wall is too thin, the presence of in – wall cables and pipes or you just want to preserve the wall at all cost. Naturally, you will look for procedures that simply don’t involve any drilling. And you can find such procedures right below. But first, let’s take a look at what you need to prepare.

What do you need to have

Most of the tools and materials you need here can be found in the tool box or your local hardware store. So basically you will need these to do the job right:

  • Heavy – duty adhesive
  • Several wood beams
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Marker
  • Tape measure and brush.

And you are going to deal with potentially harmful chemical, splinter and dust in the process of attaching the trellis to the wall so protective gears are recommended. A pair of gloves, goggles and face mask will do it nicely

The procedures to attach the trellis to the wall.

Step 1: Pick the suitable portions of the wall and cleanse the surface.

You should only attach the trellis on parts of the wall that are linear and flat without any noticeable bulges. After you have picked suitable locations, spray some water and use the brush to carefully cleanse the surface of the wall. You need to do this part as carefully and as thoroughly as possible so as to remove any possible debris and dust on the wall. If you just randomly you put on the trellis, the trellis frame will become unbalance and severely reduce its aesthetic value so stay concentrate.

Step 2: Measure the trellis.

Use the tape measure to get the correct width and height of the trellis. You are going to these measurements to mark the location of the trellis on parts of the wall of your chosen and to make a special press frame for each trellis you intend to put on the wall. Remember to pay special attention to the shapes of four corners of the trellis since their marks will decide the position of the trellis when you finally attached the trellis to the wall.

Step 3: Construct the press frame.

After you have prepared the place for the trellis, you are going to need to build the press frame. Since the adhesive will take quite some time to properly bond the trellis to the wall surface, you will want something to firmly press the trellis to the wall and stay like that till the adhesive has dried out hence explain the importance of the press frame. Using the measurements from before and combine with wood beams, hammer and nail, you can build a press frame that matches the construction of the trellis that you intend to install.

So when you have finished constructing the press frame, put it on the trellis and gently push the frame down to see if it fit evenly on the trellis. This how you can be assured that when you later push the press frame on the trellis, the force will be divided equally in every part of the press frame. In case if you feel there is abnormal spot or bulges, inspect the press frame again and make adjustment till everything is up to your satisfaction

Step 4: Apply the adhesive.

Make sure the wall is dry then apply a layer of adhesive on the wall where you have marked the trellis position. Do this slowly and steadily plus always a use a modest amount. Too little adhesive will not be enough to securely attach the trellis to the wall while too much shall make the trellis to wobble around and throw it out alignment. Get yourself a knife of scrapper to readily adjust and spread the adhesive up to your liking.

Step 5: Attach the trellis and put on the press frame.

When the adhesive is properly applied and in the correct place, swiftly press the trellis to the adhesive exact position. Try to do this in one try and don’t move the trellis around when it’s on the wall since that will push the adhesive away from its pre – determined location. After the initial pressing, slowly run your hand on the trellis frame and gently push it down each part to ensure that every part of the trellis is in equal contact with the adhesive

After that, it’s time to use the pressing frame. The adhesive should bone fairly quickly but its best to put the pressing frame on the trellis for at least 24 hr just to be safe. You can use a tri – pod, a chair or even steel wire to make sure the pressing frame push the trellis as tightly as possible to the adhesive. After that, all you need to do is to wait an appropriate amount of time then take out the pressing and your trellis should be ready to use.


And that is pretty much it, not so hard to take in, right? Trellis is an excellent choice to decorate your garden and its aesthetic value is fairly good too. While drilling the wall and nailing down the trellis will be a bit faster but in case you don’t want to ruin the wall, the procedures above will be superb to attach a trellis to the wall. And you can do all of that by yourself with just a small number of tools and gears.

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