Quick Guide on How to Build A Ramp For A Shed Like A Pro

You might have had the problem of accessing a raised shed door, but if you learn how to build a ramp for a shed, all should be solved. Learn more here.



If you own a shed, chances are that sometimes you face the challenge of getting stuff in an out of the shed easily. This could be because the door of the shed is on a raised level. This would be hard for you to push your wheelbarrow or cart into the shed to pick some important tools.

This is what calls for having a ramp important for providing an easy way of getting the wheelbarrow into the shed or simply moving stuff in and out of the shed. With the ramp in position, you will use less energy moving your supplies. The other advantage is that you would not be in any risk of physical harm when carrying the supplies to a higher level through the door.

You would really appreciate the uses of a ramp the moment you have it in position. So, how do you build one? We get to look at how to build a ramp for shed easily.

What you’ll need

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Screws
  • T-Square
  • Four 2x6x8 boards
  • 2 x12 for stringers


1. Cutting the stringers

With your t-square, measure 2 x 12 from one corner to the other and then mark the locations with a pencil. Using a saw, cut along the line you have marked.

Cutting the stringers

By putting the stringers side by side, you can check to ensure that they are cut to the perfect size needed for the ramp. You can do some adjustments to some pieces before proceeding to the next process.

The stringers are then secured to the workbench so that they do not keep on moving when you start assembling the ramp. The movement could lead to having a ramp with the wrong slope.

2. Screw the boards to stringers

It is now time to screw the boards to the stringers so as to form the ramp. First you need to cut the boards in half before screwing. With the cutting done, you have to pre-drill the boards for the screwing process. Put in the screws in the holes reading for attaching the boards to the stringers.

With the screws in place, you can proceed to screw them into the stringers. Screw on either side, making sure that the screws are well secured in the ramp. Just make sure that you have enough stringers under the boards so that they can offer the best support. With time, the board would dry and cave inwards, so you want to have enough support to keep the board holding up for longer.

Screw the boards to stringers

Photo via www.diyadvice.com

3. Trim the excess stringers

Presentation might not be very important when building the ramp, but the excess stringers on the ends might not be perfect for your ramp. This is where you have screwed all the boards, but some piece of the stringers is still visible. With your saw, proceed to cut off the excess stringers.

In most cases, the remaining stringers would not be a lot so you can always end up having an easy time cutting them off without destroying the structure of the ramp

4. Set the ramp in position

It is amazing that with such few steps you are done with building a ramp for a shed. It is important that you get to follow the steps for you to get it done in less time. If you are not sure with some steps, we have highlighted a video in this guide for more clarity. You can always get to make the ramp in less time as compared to other methods alternative to this.

Tips for success include taking the time to measure your shed height from the ground to the door level. This is important for you to choose the right size of stringers. You do not have to use the exact measurements as in this guide. For those who might need a smaller ramp, you might have to dig the ground to get more clearance for fitting the ramp in position.

As suggested earlier, you may have to add more stringers in the middle as a way of beefing up the ramp. The additional stringers would keep the ramp from easily caving in with time.

The video below gives you a detailed account on how to build a ramp for a shed. You should it an easy process to do with all the materials around you.


From the steps above and the video, it is easy to see that building a ramp does not have to be complicated. With the ramp in position, you should easily move your stuff in and out of the shed with ease. The best part is that this is a DIY project that you would always enjoy doing on your own. Such is a project you can do with your kids as a way of having some family time over the weekend. Do it right and you should have no trouble accessing the shed.

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