How To Build A Rocking Chair | A Quick Guide On DIY

Want to have a comfortable rocking chair on the house porch? Then you can learn how to build a rocking chair efficiently through this article by yourself.


There is hardly anything more enjoyable than to pass your time on a rocking chair in the afternoon. Let go of all your worries and slowly rock yourself to sleep is the best way to relax your mind and body. That is why having a rocking chair as one of the house furniture is very handy but how to get it exactly?

Well, you could always go to a store and buy a rocking chair, there are plenty of models and brands to choose from. However, if you happen to know adept at woodworking, why don’t you try to make one for your own use?  This article will present you with a step by step instruction how to build a rocking chair by yourself.

The preparation

In order to build a rocking chair from scratch, you have to prepare necessary arrangements and supplies before you can actually start.  It’s essential that the quality of gear and material you about use here is suitable. Otherwise, you might end up with a deform product or everything would fall apart after a short time.

  • Material

The first things you are obviously going to need are high-grade wood planks and boards. They would be primarily used for the construction of the chair frame, seat, back support and rocker.  Draw out the estimate specification of your desired chair and the associated wood consumption to figure out the required amount.

learn how to build a rocking chair efficiently

When you are done with the components, you have to assemble them which involve the use of screw, glue and bolt. Clamps are also useful as a way temporarily hold several wood pieces together while you secure the joints. To give the chair an attractive yet classic appearance, wax and finish are excellent in emphasizing the fine look of wood.


Pre-arranged schematics and plans would be extremely useful when it comes to calculating the chair support weight and general dimensions. So spend some time with pen and paper to create out a suitable and functional image of the final product.

  • Tool

You don’t have to use high-level equipment here, the usual items in your best toolbox would be sufficient for the task. Generally, ensure that you have the saw, hammer, best drill press, screwdriver, brush and sander at your disposal.  Inspect the state of your tools, you don’t want to use damaged stuff for a project that demands high precision like this one.

  • Protective Gear

The presence of wood dust and splinter is potentially harmful toward your well being so be careful. Put on a pair of gloves, goggles and face mask through the entire length of the project. Safety is number one priority so don’t risk it and make sure that you are properly equipped before you attempt to do anything.


When everything is in order, let’s get into work

The procedure

  • Step 1: Build the back support and armrest attachments

Rely on the plan you drawn from before, saw out three pieces of wood planks to form a U shaped frame.  These planks will form the base of the rocking chair back support.  Drill a hole at both ends of the bottom piece then use the holes to securely connect all three wood pieces together.

Next, cut out two more long pieces of wood plank to serve as the back support sides. They must be slightly longer in length and thicker in width compare to the back support frame. Attach them to the sides of the back support using a combination of screw and glue.

After that, grab two pieces of square wood plank and cut them at a 20 degrees angle. It’s essential that these pieces are at the same width as the back support sides since these shall act as armrests attachments. Stick the armrest attachments to the back support sides but do remember to consider the elbow position when you sit.

Finally, outfit the back support sides with either a solid wood board or multiple wood planks to complete the back support. It’s much easier to go with the former but the latter offers better ventilation if you leave a small space between each plank. You can do whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable with the design.

Rock Chair Step

  • Step 2: Create the seat and legs

Same as the back support, cut out three pieces of wood planks and from a U shaped frame. This time, however, you are going to put in another plank a bit into the open mouth of the U. Next, fill the frame with a single board or multiple planks just like above

For the leg frames, assemble two sets of wood pieces that resemble an antiparallelogram for both of the seat sides. On top of each anti parallelogram is where the armrest shall be located. The armrest will then connect to one of the attachments on the back support sides.

Compare the leg frames to your sitting height and ensure that it’s higher than your waist.

Create the seat and legs

  • Step 3: Cut out the rockers and complete the chair

You are mostly done now, all you need to is to obtain the rockers and install them into the legs bases. To make good rockers, you need to cut out wood planks with gentle curves. The curves must reach both ends of the antiparallelogram bottom line and keep it off the ground.

Cut out the rockers and complete the chair


When you got the rockers, put every component together and the chair would be completed. Slide the seat into the middle of the leg frame and secure it in place. The seat should lean a bit backward to better suit your sitting posture.



  • Step 4: Wax and finish

In this final step, you are going to sand and apply finish to the chair and give it a better look. Preserve agent can be used as well if you wish to protect the chair from bugs and foreign elements. When you are done, the rocking chair should be ready to use at any time you want.


And that should be enough to cover all the main point, not too hard to follow right? It’s not error – free but if you have a firm grasp on how to build a rocking chair, you can do it. Just take everything slow and steady then a rocking chair will eventually appear by your side.

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