How to Build a Salmon Ladder | An Easy Guide on – Step by Step

Want to set up a salmon ladder to exercise but don’t know where to start? Well you are in luck since this article will offer you a step – by – step instructions on how to build a salmon ladder quickly and safely. With the right tools and suitable techniques, you can finish everything by yourself in no time.


So you are trying to get into good shape but just can’t handle the gym membership fee. Then you decide it’s better and more efficient to set up your own gym right in your house and one of many things you want to set up is a salmon ladder.

It’s not like you are a professional in this field and you have no idea what to get or how to do this at all. Well no worry, this article will tell you how to build a salmon ladder in a very simple manner, that you can understand and apply what you learn right away.


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Salmon ladder is very simple in construction. All you need to is set up a heavy base, put up parallel beam and nail in several sets of hinges then it’s done, grab a pipe then just pumping yourself upward.

Training with salmon ladder greatly improves your hand and upper body endurance. But in order to build a safe and durable salmon ladder, you may need to put in some serious thinking.

Luckily, you can just follow this article to save you the trouble. First, let take a look at the tools and materials you will need.

Tools and materials

The most common model of the salmon ladder is made from woods so you are going to need a lot of planks and beams. The required number of planks and beams will increase according to the scale and height of the salmon ladder.

You are going to need to install a safety device to support your fall since it’s obvious that you will not have a controlled landing all the time. A mat is an effective and economical choice but you can also experience with something else such as net, sand, water. Even a moving support handle that follow you up as you ascend.

Pick the one that you can readily install with little trouble.

the salmon ladder is made from woods

And for the tools, since you are going to do a lot of wood working so hammer, nail, saw and drill are necessary. Besides that, you will need lots of T – shape and L – shape connectors to securely bolt the parts together.

Some form of preservatives is also recommended to protect the wood. Naturally, protective gears are mandatory since you will deal with sawdust and splinters here so remember to put on goggles, face mask and gloves.

The assembling and construction

• Step 1: Prepare the bases


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If you want to have a stable and safe salmon ladder, the bases are where you will need to invest your times and efforts in. There is a variety of way to set up the base but you will need a flat and hard ground first.

Use a shovel or a roller to ensure this.

Next is to put in the base. You can use concrete blocks or dig out several holes then plant in the bases. The distance between holes should be tailored to your body. Ideally, you should determine the distance between the holes base on the gap between your hands when doing pull – up.

• Step 2: Assemble the frame

There is nothing too sophisticated here, just attach the beams and planks together so they form a rectangle frame. Use the connectors and nails to bolt everything as tight as possible. The frame width should be the same as the distance between the bases.

And while you are doing all of this, make sure to keep the wood surface smooth so that you won’t have to fear about splinters. There is a lot of ways you may get injured later when you are exercising on the salmon ladder and.

You surely don’t want to get an infection from splinters.


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Another important factor to consider here is the body weight. The frame thickness should be increased corresponding to the user weight. Stack several planks or beams onto each other.

If you don’t readily have the parts with appropriate thickness. Make sure to increase the support beam according to the frame thickness as well.

• Step 3: Attach the hinges to the frame

The hinges are where you lock in the pole while propelling yourself upward. You can put in the hinges anyway you want but obviously, the hinges must form an angle equal to or smaller than 45 degrees with the frame so the pole won’t slips away from the frame when you use the salmon ladder.

The preferred way to nail in the hinges is to point them upward in a 20 – 25 degree. This may require you to stride you hand longer to lock the pole into the hinges but it will offer a more secure holding.


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An essential point that you need to be mindful of when nailing the hinges is to make sure the hinges stay parallel to each other as a set and the distance between each set is the same.

Use a tape measure and a marker to help you attach the hinges as precise and logical as possible.

• Step 4: Set up the frame upon the base and install the safety measure

When you are done with the frame and hinges then its time to connect the frame and the bases. Use a combination of drill, connectors and nails to secure the frame and the bases together.

Then the last thing to do is installing the safety feature correctly then you done, your salmon ladder is ready to use. Grab a tough pole then start pumping your.

lf upward on the salmon ladder. Getting into shape has never been so close yet so cheap as now.

Below is a video that should give more tips on how to build a salmon ladder quickly and safely.


And that is the end of the article, very straight forward, right? Building a salmon ladder is an excellent choice if you want to exercise yet can’t afford the expensive fee of a gym.

But for a beginner, this may be not easy to do. In that case though, just gather the material and follow the assembly process precisely as stated in the article then you can build yourself a salmon ladder right in your house yard in no time.

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