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So you want to do something to those ugly and rough cinder blocks? Well while they don’t look too pretty, they are still the best choice for structure foundations. Due to their durability, they can adequately serve as exterior wall as well. But if you want to raise the house aesthetic value, you have to deal with these blocks first. Want to know how to cover exterior cinder block walls? Well, this article can help you with that.



A house aesthetic lies at its interiors and exteriors. You can only call a house beautiful when the inside and the outside of the house can please your eyes. And if you have basic cinder blocks as your exterior walls, they are an eyesore to you and your visitor. While they are tough, their appearances contribute little if not outright sabotage the house beauty. Luckily, you can find efficient and cost effective solutions for this problem right below.

Cinder blocks are hollow blocks made from concrete. They are affordable, strong and much easier to work with compared to solid concrete. But besides the advantages, cinder blocks are usually dull and unattractive. They look not so pretty when being used as exterior walls in their original appearances. Naturally, you will need a way to “conceal” them. You can learn how to cover exterior cinder block wall simply by reading this article. There are many ways to do this so pick one that suits you.

Step by steps

•Stucco cover

This is a multi – purpose option since you can both cover the wall and add additional protections to the blocks. A plaster mixture with concrete as a base, stucco is a wonderful choice for this job. It’s very easy to apply and totally worth the cost. All you need to do is to purchase stucco cans with a color that fit your taste. After that, just cover the cinder blocks with the stucco in whatever manner you like. But be careful, the stucco will be very hard when they are in place, apply them with consideration.


There won’t be a need fancy tools here, just get a brush, a spade and a bucket. You should clean out the cinder blocks surface of any debris first. Next, spray water on the wall and keep it wet the entire time. Now you have to apply the stucco onto the blocks. Try to keep the stucco spread out with the spade. You don’t want your exterior wall to be littered with bulges so pay attention. When you have finished applying the stucco, let the wall dry for several hrs. At last, your wall shall have a new look now.

•Climbing vines

Want to give the cinder blocks wall a natural look? Then you can add several plants with climbing vines on them. You can pick any type of plants you want. But remember that you need to ensure the plants can fit into the house surrounding. It’s also wise to keep the plant growth in control. If the plant can get between the cinder blocks, the entire wall may crumble someday.


To do this, you need to set up the trellis for the plant vines to grow on. A power drill, hammer and nails will be sufficient for the task. Drill several holes and nail the trellis in place. When you are done, cover the trellis with paint and protective. These will help the trellis to fit in and protect it from the environment. Place the plant pots at the base of the trellis and wait till the day the cinder blocks wall is cover in green.

•Artificial pebbles

A fine way to give the wall a makeover, artificial pebbles gives you lots of freedom in styles and colors. Made to look just like natural stone, artificial pebbles can significantly enhance the wall appearance. While this method requires quite a bit of effort, you can expect the result to be quite a satisfactory one. But just to be safe, only get high – quality artificial pebbles with clear origin. Cheap artificial pebbles may employ harmful chemicals that may negatively affect your health.


You will need a shovel, a spade, biodegradable solution and mortar adhesive. First, dig a 4 inches deep trench along the length of the wall. When you are done, pour down the biodegradable to cleanse it. Damp the trench surface while you erect the pebbles. Remember to secure the all pebbles with the mortar. When the mortar is in, fill the pebbles gaps with grout. Wait for a bit then smooth the grout with the spade or sharp objects. And that is it, your exterior wall will look more exciting than before.

•Set up the fences

If you don’t want to directly alter the wall then setting up a distraction would be perfect. By adding a fence shortly in front of the wall, you can remove attention from the wall itself. You can select fence with theme and material that up to your preferences. If you intend to pick wood or insect attracting material though, you may have to spray them with protective. Do keep the fence high enough to cover the cinder blocks but still allow people to see your house.


In order to have a stable fence, you will need a shovel and a hammer. When you got suitable fences, you need to dig up a trench along the wall. The trench must deep enough so the fences won’t tip over but not too deep that they fail to cover the wall. Hammer down the fence anchors then refill the trench back to normal. Use a damper to level the place and your fence should be ready. You can put extra decorative on the wall if you wish to.

•Oversize paintings

Another way to distract people attention from the cinder blocks without breaking a sweat, simply hangs paintings on them. Get some arts online and print them out. Insert the arts into wooden frames and there you have it, fine paintings to hand on the exterior wall. You can do all of this with some nails, hammer and wooden planks. If your painting is good, people will barely notice the presence of the cinder blocks.


And there you have it, clever ways to deal with the rough cinder blocks, very easy to follow right. Surely all of us want to have a beautiful house at every angle. But it’s not easy to figure out how to cover exterior cinder block walls. Yet you can save yourself a headache by checking out the solutions above. You can find their requirement along with suitable procedures to put them into practice. Everything can be done by yourself and your exterior wall will fit in nicely with your house.

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