How to decorate your home entrance for Christmas


Decorate the house entrance for Christmas

There are those who experience it carefree, those who wait for it all year round, those who never know what gifts to buy, but like every December, Christmas comes!

From the end of November onwards we can feel the Christmas atmosphere in the streets and squares, which is reflected in the intimacy of our homes, and traditionally on December 8th the whole family gathers together to decorate the house for Christmas.
However, the first impression of the Christmas atmosphere of every house occurs before you enter: the lights, the garland on the front door, the decorated windows. The Christmas decoration of the entrance to your home is essential to immerse yourself in the warm Christmas atmosphere as soon as you open the door.

But How do you decorate the entrance to your house for Christmas?? Let’s discover together all the ideas and trends of this year to make your home so Christmassy that even Santa Claus might be jealous!

The entrance to the house has the function of being welcoming and immediately conveying what mood we will find inside. Before you even think about decorating the interior of your home, therefore, think about how you will decorate the exterior.

The Christmas wreath is a must for Christmas decoration of the outside of your front door every year. You can find ready-made copies in any hardware store or florist, but you can also order them DIY variant decide. Let’s see together how to make a Christmas wreath to decorate the front door in a few simple steps.

First you need to make a circular base. We recommend a piece Cut Styrofoam or cardboard in a circle. You can also weave in vines or branches of other plants if you want a more “rustic” effect.
Once you have the base, all you have to do is hot glue some pine or holly branches, bows, Christmas balls and pine cones. Add a pinch of spray snow to the whole thing and there you have it Christmas wreath ready to be hung on the front door.

We recommend you to respect the colors of the Christmas tradition: Red, gold and green are the most classic colors and will never go out of style. However, you can also combine white with gold or red for a minimalist and equally elegant effect that is just as beautiful to look at.

How to make a Christmas wreath to decorate your front door
Canaletto walnut color
How to make a Christmas wreath to decorate your front door
Emma 160 extendable dining table, rustic oak with white cross legs

How to attach a wreath to the door

You have yours Christmas wreath finished and are now wondering how to attach it to the front door, right?
There are several ways to attach the wreath to the door and decorate the entrance to the house for Christmas. Let’s look at some of them.

You could have one very small nail hit the door, but that would leave an indelible impression; A simpler solution might be to use one adhesive hook However, the hold of the hook depends on the weight of your Christmas wreath.
You can have one too backwards-facing hook on the inside of the door where you can attach your garland with a ribbon that will be visible on the outside of the front door instead.

If the entrance door is made of glass, you can Suction cups Use on the inside of the door where you can tie the garland with a ribbon.

As you have seen, there are various tricks to… Decorate the entrance of your home with a Christmas wreath, and there are also special hooks on the market that you can attach to the front door. So all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

Emma 160 extendable dining table, black concrete, with black crossed legs (avant_newbridgebythesea)
Emma 160 Extending Dining Table Rustic Oak with Black Cross Legs (justmyhome_desi)

How to decorate the windows for Christmas

The Decorating windows for Christmas can be done in two main ways: with glass statics or with stencils.

Glass statics are really easy to use and are nothing more than stickers made specifically to be applied to windows. You can find these stickers in all patterns, from snowflake to Christmas tree. In short, you can easily put up your favorite decorations and remove them at the end of the holidays.

A slightly more elaborate way to decorate the windows at the entrance or on the street side is to work with Stencils. Applying a stencil is nothing difficult, but you should know that removing paint from the window pane at the end of the holidays will be a little more complicated than removing a glass sticker. In this case too, you can find many different stencils on the market or you can also make them yourself.

Decorating the furniture in the entrance area for Christmas

Now that we have seen how to create a Christmas atmosphere even before opening the front door, let’s move on to the next step, namely how to decorate the entrance to your house for Christmasas soon as we entered the house.

The entrance is often a transit area that is sometimes overlooked. So why not give it new life by decorating it for the holidays?
For example, you could have one small nativity scene or one small Christmas tree Place with lights on your console at the entrance, as well as a beautiful poinsettia to follow tradition.

However, if you have not yet equipped your home entrance with a very practical one Entrance console equipped, maybe it’s time to give yourself a fantastic Christmas present.

With a extendable console at the entrance of your home as well as a very comfortable piece of furniture on which to place a pocket emptyer and your Christmas decorations, you will have an additional ally at your disposal for the holidays. In fact, our pull-out consoles fold into one Open length of up to 3 meters and offer space for up to 13 people. This year you can invite everyone, literally everyone, to Christmas!

Decorate the house entrance for Christmas
Luxury, console table, gray concrete (pilloledidesign)
Emma 4-door sideboard with black legs, oak (project_34_selfbuild)
Decorate the entrance for Christmas
Angelica extendable console table, ash, white

Another way to decorate your home entrance for Christmas is to place a beautiful one around the door Garland full of lights and colored balls to hang up. So every time you come home, it’s a little like crossing the threshold into your personal Christmas world.

You can also Lanterns with scented candles use in it. The lanterns can stand very well on the ground, but on ours Emma sideboard They would look even better and are therefore ideal for decorating the entrance to the house. In this way, the warm and gentle light of the flame would truly create a… magical atmosphere!

Decorate the house entrance for Christmas
Emma 4-door sideboard with white legs, rustic oak

Decorate the entrance to the house with the Christmas tree

Who said there only has to be one Christmas tree in the house? If your entrance is spacious enough, put a Christmas tree in a corner.

The Size of the Christmas treeThe one you place at the entrance depends on the space available. Our advice is to choose a small Christmas tree to decorate the entrance; If the size is excessive, the functionality of the space would be lost.

However, it is important that Style and colors of the tree decorations with everyone else in the entrance area to vote! Otherwise you would just create something visually confusing without being able to create the Christmas atmosphere that you so dream of.

If you have more than one Christmas tree at home, match the decorations and colors, even if they are in different rooms. In short: if you Christmas tree in the entrance area Once you have decorated your home with white and gold, you should also use the same colors for the rest of the house. You should have a type Themed trail create a space that begins in the entrance area and then extends throughout the entire house.

Evolution coffee table 120 x 60, rustic oak & Emma buffet sideboard 4 doors, ​​with white legs, oak

Decorate the entrance to the house with Christmas lights

Nobody can imagine a Christmas without presents, but also not without lights!
If our goal is to… Decorate the house entrance for Christmaswe need to equip ourselves with fairy lights long enough to cover the perimeter of the front door.

However, when decorating the outside of the entrance door, make sure that the lights are specifically designed for outdoor use and are therefore resistant to rain and moisture.

Our advice is, one to use white light. Choose one cold white, if you want to give the environment a minimalist tone and decorate the house with decorations in cold colors, for example white and blue. A warm white light On the other hand, it can be perfectly combined with traditional colors and gives the whole house the desired Christmas atmosphere.

If you have a floor-standing clothes rack at the entrance of your home, you can think about using it as a holder for lamps. If you want a wall mounted coat rack like ours Rachele wall coat rack If you have one, you can run a small string of lights between the hooks and create a really atmospheric atmosphere.

Emma 4-door sideboard, Canaletto walnut, with black legs
wall coat rack-rachele
Rachele wall coat rack, 60 cm, gray concrete

If you have organized a Christmas dinner and are looking for table decoration ideas, read our article about that Setting the table for Christmas and find out how to leave all your guests speechless!

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