How to Fix Peeling Leather Couch to Restore it Easily

Peeling of your leather seats or couch is a common problem depending on how well you take care of the couch. Leather can look and feel great, but it also needs maintenance. You cannot expect that it would look its best when you cannot handle the maintenance.



Whenever you see the peeling, then it is time to swing in with the right measures and put a stop to it. In most cases, you might find some people just opting for any repair kit without conducting due diligence. You have to first understand the problem first before you can buy the repair kit for the process. Below is a process on how to fix peeling leather of a couch that should come in handy.

What you’ll need

  • Soft cloth
  • Leather repair kit
  • Tinted leather repair liquid
  • Iron


1. Inspect first

The inspection of the couch is important to understand the extent of damage the peeling might have done. With the inspection, you would also know if you have to buy any additional supplies important for the process. The inspection is also a great way of identifying some forthcoming problems that could be prepared during the peeling repair.

Go ahead and sit on the offer and feel how the cushions move. With the flaking points identified, you can use masking tape to take note of where they are. This should make it possible for you to have an easy time working on them later on.

2. Clean up the couch

Clean up the couch

The next step is to clean the couch, especially the area to be repaired. You would have to use a slightly damp soft cloth to get rid of the dust and grime that might have accumulated over the years. Sometimes you get the repair kits coming with the alcohol wipes. Use such wipes for removing the dirt from the couch to end up showing the real leather color. It is possible that the kit would come with different colors for repairing the couch. With the area cleaned, you can learn the real color and select it appropriately from your kit for the repairs. Allow the cleaned area to dry completely before you can start working on it.

3. Prepare the repair liquid

With the real color of the leather identified, you can proceed to mix the repair liquid with the colors from the repair kit in an empty container. You can test the liquid on another area so that you can be sure that it is the real color you have to use in the repair. You can test on the back of the sofa or near the legs so or a place it is not easily visible just in case you get wrong for the first time. If you are happy with the color, then you should be good to go.

4. Making the repair

You have to turn on the iron to a high heat setting, which we will get to use later as you will see. Proceed to apply a small amount of the repair liquid over the cracked or peeled area. You can use the small spatula found from the repair kit for ease of application. Go apply the whole area around the peeled part to help with blending the color easily.

The trick is to apply thin layers and letting each layer to dry up before applying the next one.

5. Cover the area

At this stage, we get to add some heat, so it is important to have a protective measure in place. You have to place a leather grain paper found in the kit on top of the newly repaired part.

Place the heating tool onto the iron so that it heats up before using it. Or rather, you could use the iron itself if the tool is lacking. Just make sure that the paper is larger than the hot plate of your iron.

Proceed to place the hot heating tool or iron on the paper and start moving it around. When using the iron, you need to iron the paper for about 20 seconds and lift it up before ironing again. Allow the paper several minutes to cool before you can proceed to peel the grain paper from your newly repaired part.

A quick warning is that you are not supposed to iron directly as the heat is likely to damage the leather further. Make sure that you always get the right kit so that the repair remains perfect once you are done.

Below is a video that should give more tips on how to fix peeling leather.


For a peeling leather couch, the repair is fairly easy and you should be done in less time. The key is to always make sure that you get to identify the problem early enough so that you do not end up having more problems fixing the leather. With a fixed leather couch, you will always find it great sitting on it.

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