Tricks and Tips on How to Remove Dresser Drawer With The Center Slide

Try to get drawers out of the dresser but they seem to be stuck? Well, there is always an easy way to everything around the house, especially furniture. In the case of the dresser, there maybe a special mechanism installed. This is to prevent you from pulling the drawer out by accident. But if you want to then you still can do it. Take a look at this article and you can get helpful information on how to remove dresser drawer with the center slide.



Almost every household got a dresser or two just lying somewhere in the house. Dresser is a good choice when you want to store many things within the same space. But one day you want to remove the drawers from the dresser to do some cleaning. And this where you run into an issue: The drawers won’t come out. You stumble around for quite yet the solution is nowhere in sight. But no worry though, the hard time is over now.


While there are still many traditional dressers around, there are a lot of types of new dresser come out. One of the main differences of the new types compare to the classics is their locking mechanism. The main idea here is to prevent you to pull out the drawer entirely without notice. If you want to remove the drawers in this case, you have to deal with the lock first. And you will know precisely how to remove dresser drawer with center slide just down below. First, let’s see what you may need.

Necessary tools and gears

In most of the cases, all you need to do is unhook or disconnect the lock by your hands. But in certain situations, you may need a screwdriver for the removal. Lubricant may come in handy as well if you deal with old dresser and rusty drawers. And if all options have failed, you may one to a go a bit rough with a crowbar. Let’s hope that you can get the drawers out before you have to use that option though.

There won’t be any substantial threats here but a pair of gloves is recommended. Rusty metal rails may scratch your fingers and the drawer can stomp your hands, put on gloves as a precaution. Better safe than sorry is the rule of thumb at all time.

The removal processes

These processes will be divided according to their respective models. Try to determine which category that your dresser falls into. And it would be wise to empty the dresser contents before you attempt a removal. But if you don’t want to waste any extra time then follow this order: Light first, heavy later. Get the light drawer out first and continue till all the drawers are out. You still need to take into account the dresser balance though so it won’t tip over.

•Lever locking slide

A fairly common locking mechanism nowadays, it’s very easy to deal with. This kind of dresser utilizes side rails with levers to lock in the drawers. So all you need to here is to pull the drawers out as far as you can. Then run your hand by the side of drawers to locate the rails. The lever should be just in the middle of each rail.

Lever-locking-slide on how to remove dresser drawer with center slide

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Now you need to simultaneously depress the levers of both sides and promptly pull the drawer out. Repeat till every drawer is out of the dresser.

The lever release mechanism may slightly different from one to another. Some you have to depress, other you have tilt. Simply try several combinations and you can figure it out eventually. Just remember to handle both the levers at the same time to remove the drawer.

•Cable attaching slide

Quite a unique way to secure the drawer, it’s not really popular around though. But if you happen to own one then here is a way to unhook the cable. Swiftly pull the drawer out till you can see its far end. There will be a cable connects the drawer to the dresser interior. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the cable attaching point. After that, the drawer can be pulled out entirely. If the drawer still stuck then maybe there is another locking mechanism by the side rails. Deal with it as mentioned above.

•Side screws stabilizing slide

This can be said to be somewhat alike to lever locking but with extra focus on the weight support. As usual, pull the drawers out and locate the side rails. This time, instead of levers, you will need to identify sets of screws, one on each side. Unscrew all of them by the screwdriver then gently lift the drawer up and pull it out. There may be additional tabs right by the rails so operate them as well.


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After you done, remember to keep the screws where you can find them again. These screws are usually factory fit, lose them and you will have a hard time finding replacement.

•Rolling slide

You can pretty much encounter this type everywhere. It’s also the most durable yet simple dresser you can get. This mechanism uses a set of wheels to move the drawer in and out. The wheel will also stop the drawer when it comes to a certain point. The point here is to disconnect the wheels from the drawer sliding frame. In order to this, you have to pull the drawer out till it stops. Next, quickly press the drawer down and that will lift up the drawer wheels. Then just slowly pull the drawer out.


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Another variant of this one is called wood slide. It’s pretty much work on the same principle but you may need to wiggle the drawer a bit. The resistance you encounter here may vary from model to model. The one with side rail is fairly flexible to handle and remove. In the other hand, the center rail type is kind of rigid and may take quite some time to get it out. Anyway, just try to be patient here and keep trying till you succeed.


And that will be it, have any trouble following them? Furniture can be disassembled with ease as long we know the right way to do it. In the dresser case, removing the drawer will be quite a laborious process if you don’t know how. You may potentially damage the dresser too. But as long as you know how to remove dresser drawer with center slide, you can do it in a blink of an eye.

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