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Having trouble with your faucet such leaking water or loose handle? Naturally, you will attempt to fix them back to normal by disassembling faucet but you can’t find a single screw on it.

You also worry that if you try to do anything too extreme then you may destroy the faucet in the process. Well, there is an easy and smart way to do this. Read through the article below and you can learn a clever solution about how to remove faucet handle without screws by yourself.


How to Remove Faucet Handle Without ScrewsIntroductionTools and gears ​The removal process Step 1: Disconnect the water, apply the lubricant and put in the rags Step 2: Locate the cover notch and remove it Step 3: Take off the plastic capStep 4: Remove the screw and fix the problem or just tighten it Step 5: Put everything back together as it should be. Conclusion


Every day, you start the morning by cleaning your face and brushing your teeth. You can do all of that very fast and easy but now your faucet just doesn’t want to cooperate with you anymore.

The water is leaking or the handle keeps wiggling uncontrollably and you can’t get water where you want. Then you attempt to tighten the whole thing back together.

But there are no screws around the faucet. Want to know an answer on how to remove faucet handle without screws? Well this article will be very helpful.


If you want to repair the faucet then the obvious thing to do is to remove the faucet handle. But then upon closer inspection, there seems to be not a single screw around.

This is because almost every faucet models utilize a decorative cover to hide the screw from view. In rarer case, the screw may be protected by a plastic cap that was plugged in the handle. In short, it’s not easy to spot the screw at first glance.

It’s not too difficult either. To uncover it, you just need some tools and several clever techniques then it will be done in no time. So first, let’s take a look at what you will need here.

Tools and gears

No need for any fancy tools here, your tool box or your house would have got what you need already. Generally, you want to have a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and rags.

Those should be enough to get you through the process with little problem. And you can use some lubricants such as machine oil or cooking oil as well, in case that the faucet gives you a tough time later.

Tools-and-gears on how to remove faucet handle without screws

Protective gears are not mandatory but a pair of gloves is advised so you can have a better grip on the tools and goggles to prevent spilling water. When you have finished the preparation then let’s get into the real thing now.

The removal process

Step 1: Disconnect the water, apply the lubricant and put in the rags


Shut off the water supply to the faucet so you can safely manage it. To prevent the handle to accidentally drop through the rain and to rinse the leaking water, lay the rags around the faucet.

You can also use the rag later on as a soft layer between your tools and the handle. It’s will allow you to concentrate your force without having to worry that you may damage the handle or the faucet along the way.

When everything is ready then pour in a moderate amount of lubricant and just move on to the next step.

Step 2: Locate the cover notch and remove it

There is usually a small notch near the knob of the faucet. You should see it near the handle seam.

Quickly insert the screwdriver then use it as leverage and pry the decorative cap off. This should reveal the hidden screw right below. In the case that you can’t find a notch, use the screwdriver and do the same motion with the raised part of the knob.

You can use a combination of the pliers and the screwdriver to pry then pull the knob part away, the screw should be right in front of you after that.



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As mentioned above, put the rags between your tools and the faucet parts when you do this. The rags will act as an in between so you can invest as much force as you want till you finally succeed and the faucet shall remain undamaged.

Step 3: Take off the plastic cap

When you have done the above yet the screw is still out of sight then the screw must have been protected by an additional plastic cover. Use your hand to feel around the interiors to see if there is any part with smooth surfaces and lines cut around it.

When you got it then simply do the same as above and pry it open. The screw should be just under the plastic cap and now you have an access to it at last.  As usual, do this with the rag as well.

Eventually, you will have to put everything together once again and it’s will be hard to do it if the parts were damaged.

Step 4: Remove the screw and fix the problem or just tighten it


Now when you can see the screw, you can unscrew it with the screwdriver then you should be able to reach the faucet cartridge.

If your faucet is having a leakage problem then you will know the reason why right here. Inspect and fix the cartridge or outright replace it and the leaking water will stop.

And in the case that your faucet handle is loosed and wiggle uncontrollably with just the slightest touch then simply tighten the screw back to normal. Problem solved.

Step 5: Put everything back together as it should be.

It would be wise to cleanse the faucet interior thoroughly first before you re – assemble everything, especially to get rid of left over lubricants.

If you feel that everything has been made easy by the lubricant when you remove part after part then you will surely think again when you put the parts together again.

You don’t clean out the lubricant then the parts won’t have a tight fit and may cause foul odor if left untouched. It’s may even dirty the water.

But when you are done with the lubricant and the cleaning then everything left is easy. Just do everything up till now in reserve and your faucet should be back to normal operation in no time.


And that would be the end of the guide, is it helpful to your situation? Everyone must feel frustrated when they have to use a malfunctioning faucet and have to endure it since they don’t know to fix them. Well, the hard time is over now.

Just get the tools and follow the procedures above and you can solve every problem involved your faucet with ease and entirely by yourself

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