How to Remove Laminate Backsplash Pro Guide for Do It Yourself

Iif you just keep forcing your way in then the result may not be pretty. So want to know better solutions? Well then just check out the article and learn how to remove laminate backsplash on your own swiftly and efficiently.




So you have been remodeling the kitchen and installing new accessories. Everything proceeds with little problem and you are just about to finish the entire project.

Then a pressing issue appears: The laminate backsplash. Their removal really gives a headache and every attempt to get them out usually ends up a mess. Well there are several tricks you can use to process the laminate first then you can remove them without issue. You can get all the information like that simply by taking a look right below.

Laminate, or commonly called as Formica, is mostly used as decorative cover in the kitchen. It acts as a protection layer for walls and countertops. Naturally, you need to know how to remove the laminate backsplash if you intend to remodel the kitchen without making a big mess.

Due to a variety of material that made of the laminate and the method to attach the laminate to its respective surface, you can’t simply yank it out. So let’s take a look at what you may need to do this nice and clean.

The necessary tools and gears

Since you may encounter different materials and attach methods when it comes to removing the laminate backsplash, you better prepare to face every possible scenario. Generally, you need to have a hammer, a crowbar, a putty knife, a screwdriver, a drill and a dissolving solution such as acetone.

You may also use a hair dryer to weaken the adhesive or glue if you don’t have an access to any dissolving solution. To avoid littering the place after you done, get ready a bucket and drop all the discard laminates in it.


Since you are going to deal with possibly lots of splinters and dust here, protective gears are advised. Equip yourself with a pair of gloves, goggles and face mask before you attempt a laminates removal.

And you may slightly alter the kitchen room appearance after this so make sure to check your kitchen warranty terms and conditions. You don’t want the contract to be voided, especially when you may want to replace certain things later.

The process on how to remove laminate backsplash

Step 1: Remove the strip and trim


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There should be a strip or trim holding the laminate in place. Use a crowbar and a hammer to remove them and pull out the laminate. This part help will you determine the backsplash attaching method later. Be careful to use just enough here and be precise since if you slip your hand here then you will slam right into the attached surface and severely damage it.

Step 2: Inspection

As mention before, backsplash utilizes a lot of distinct methods to attach themselves to the wall or countertop. And you can execute the removal faster and easier if you just know what the method you are dealing with here is.

Exam the backsplash carefully to see if there are any nails or screws within. If you don’t see any then these laminates probably employ glue or adhesive and you can deal with them easily.

But there are also backsplash with multi – layers and employ a combination of methods. In that case, you may have to spend an extra bit of efforts and times to figure out the attaching method.

For example, a plywood layer is screwed or nailed to the surface then another plastic layer will be glued on top the plywood. You will have to remove both of them in order to proceed with the remodel of kitchen and patience is the key here.

Step 3: Apply the dissolvent and start splitting.

Backsplash is attached with adhesive or glue then first make some cracks on the edges then pour a modest amount of the dissolvent through the cracks into the space between the backsplash and the attached surface.

You can also apply heat on the Formica with the hairdryer here but do keep a minimum distance or you may start an accidental fire. After that, quickly insert the putty knife and start splitting the backsplash apart. Repeat the process till you completely removed the laminates.

In the case that your backsplash is nailed or screwed in, your best bet is to simply unscrew or pry them out first. Then you can easily lift the laminate backsplash and put it away without too much issue.

But your l backsplash happens to be a multilayer model and the nails or screws are hidden, you may have to get rid of the first glue layer with the techniques above first before attempting to deal with the second layer.

how to remove laminate backsplash

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And in the case that you really want to hasten the process here, there is a slightly forceful way if you want to use your strength. You will need to form a square by creating several sets of holes starting from the edges of the laminates backsplash. The distance between each hole and their depth should be kept to a minimum.

This will weaken the backsplash integrity and allow you to remove a large part of it after each try. This method also poses to be slightly dangerous to the attached surface but if you intend to repair or replace the surface anywhere then just go with this method for a quick removal.

Step 4: Process the attached surface and clean up the mess

After you have successfully removed the backsplash, what left are the surfaces littered with pieces and parts of the old backsplash or holes and dry caulk. Well if you intend to reuse the surface or put in the new backsplash, you can’t just leave the surfaces in this condition.

Use a combination of water, acetone and wall plaster to remove whatever remains of the backsplash along with the caulk and plug out the holes. Your surface will just look like new after this.


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For the discard laminate backsplash, put them into a bag and throw them out. Be careful to handle them since laminated dust and the chemical you just use are harmful to human health if inhaled.


And that will be it, very easy to follow right? Formica is a really useful material to protect your kitchen while still poses considerable aesthetic value. But when you remodel the kitchen then Formica also prove to be quite an obstacle. Yet by gathering the appropriate tools and proper procedure as above, the laminate backsplash removal can be done easy and swift and all by yourself.

I hope this list helps! If you have any queries, feel free to comment. Many thanks!

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