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Having a hard time to uncover the shower drain since you can’t find the screws? Well chances are the cover utilize a different mechanism to attach itself to the drain. But no worry if you don’t know what to do here. This article will provide you with a solution how to remove shower drain without screws. It’s easy to understand and simple to apply all by yourself.



So your shower drainage system has run into a problem lately and the water doesn’t get drained as swiftly as normal. Upon close inspection, it seems to be some sort of hair and other material accumulation that has clogged the pipe completely.

Naturally, the next thing to do is to remove the cover and deal with whatever that clogged the pipe. But then you can find any screws on the drain cover so you can lift it up.

Well if you want to know instruction on how to remove shower drain cover without screw then this article is for you.

you want how to remove shower drain without screws

The standard shower drain cover is securely bolted to the drain lower structure by screws. So all you need to do when you want to remove the cover is to unscrew it and lift it up.

But there are still other models that employ a different way to keep the cover and the drain tightly attached, mainly caulk or adhesive. In that case, you will need some suitable tools and techniques to get the cover out without damaging it, all of which will be presented below.

So first, let take a look what you are going to need.

Necessary tools and gears

You won’t need any thing too sophisticated here, for the most part, you can find what you need in your usual tool box, around your house or the local hardware store.

You will want to have a pair of pliers, screwdriver or flat – headed tool and lubricant such as machine oil or even cooking oil. You may also need to have glue or alike to re – attach the cover to the drain when you are done cleaning the pipes.

And while not mandatory, protective gears are advised since you may have to deal with rust, gas or dirty water. So it would be wise to put on goggles, face mask and gloves to protect your health. Better be safe than sorry.

tools and gears for how to remove shower drain without screws

And one more little thing to check before you attempt to remove the cover. Re – exam your bathroom insurance term and conditions once again. You may have rough the drain cover a bit to get it out which may slightly alter the cover appearance.

In some case, that may void the warranty entirely so be careful, especially when your bathroom is old and you may have to consider replacements later on.

Proper procedures to remove the drain cover

• Step 1: Dry the area surround the drain

Use a towel or a rag to wipe clean the drain cover and its surrounding. This to make sure the lubricant won’t be diluted by the water.

You can also stop using the room for a day or two to reduce the shower humidity to the lowest level. The lubricant can achieve its maximum effect.

This will also provide your tools with a better grip on the drain cover and you won’t have to worry that your tool will slip left and right yet can’t apply a concentrated force.

• Step 2: Pour the lubricant

Now be really careful here. You need to apply the right amount of lubricant slowly and steadily. You don’t want to simply pour in the entire thing since that will simply undo your first step. And you will have a hard time to get a good grip on the drain cover with your tools.

An ideal way to do this is to spray the lubricant along the lips and edges of the drain cover then wait a couple hours for it to settle into the cover interior.


The purpose of this part is to dissolve the adhesive under the cover and lubricate. The entire system so that you may have an easier time pulling the cover up. As long as you stay concentrate and not use too much lubricant, this step can be done very easily.

• Step 3: Position the tools

When it seems that the lubricant is well – settled in then the time has come to put the tools into action. Use the pliers head to grab the center of the drain cover while pushing the screwdriver into the drain outer rim. If you have done both step 1 and step 2 correctly then you will no trouble getting a firm grip on the cover.

It’s also wise not to put your tool where it’s too thin or you potentially damage the cover. The best way to do this is to try to get into a good leverage position and an ideal spot for a push in – and – pull up motion.

• Step 4: Wiggle and pry up the cover

wiggle the cover around with your pliers

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Now will need to wiggle the cover around with your pliers while keep prying the cover up with the screwdriver. Repeat this while slowly increasing the amount of the apply force.

If everything goes smoothly then the cover should come off fairly fast. And you should pay attention for any sight of obstruction here. Several drain covers may be also equipped with horizontal sliding locks or hidden screws. You may have to deal with them first before you can successfully remove the cover.

Besides that, just keep repeating the process till the cover comes off.

• Step 5: Clean the pipe and re – attach the cover

With the cover removed, you can leisurely deal with the clogging pipe at your own pace now. After you have thoroughly cleaned the pipe then its time to put the cover back into its original position. Use water to clean the drain cover frame carefully to get rid off any left – over lubricant then allow the entire thing to dry.

When it seems that the cover frame has dried entirely, apply the adhesive sparingly and precisely along the cover frame edges then put the drain cover back in its place. Wait for a few days for the adhesive to take effect then you can start using your shower again.

clean the drain cover frame carefully on how to remove shower drain without cover

Below is a video that should give more tips on how to remove shower drain without cover.


That would be the end of the guide, very simple to take in, right? A shower room function will be severely curtailed if the drainage system is not working properly. And it’s would be even more annoying if you already know what is causing this yet cant remove the shower drain cover to deal with it.

Without the usual screws, you can’t figure out the way to pull the cover up. Lucky for you, this article got just the answer for that. Simply get the right tool and precisely follow the steps above, you can solve this dilemma on your own in no time.

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