How to Use a Strap Wrench Quickly and Effectively

From a stubborn jar lid to a rusty pipe, the strap wrench can solve everything. Learn how to use a strap wrench in a blink of an eye now


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A strap wrench is a wonderful tool that can conveniently solve a variety of situation around your house. Common house owners often never hear of it but the strap wrench is truly excellent nerveless. Mostly use by plumbers, the strap wrench will be a nice touch to your toolbox and please you with its versatility.


There are a lot of different strap wrench models which may confuse you when you consider buying one. Well in that case, you are lucky since you can learn how to use a strap wrench right here and now. You will also find certain interesting information about the tool itself and its application in common house task. 

What the strap wrench is and its usage

The construction of a classic strap wrench consists of a strap and a handle. Tiny ridges often present on the strap to hold it in place while the wrench is in use. When a need arises, the strap shall wrap around the target object then twist or pull that away from the attached object. 

By removing stuff in a threaded or nonthreaded manner, the strap wrench got many advances compared to other wrenches. It’s very flexible, easy to use and don’t dent or leave scratches on the object which further increases its popularity. The wrench only requires a little strength which makes it a good choice for household use to people of all ages. 

Since it’s originally used by plumbers, the wrench primary purpose is to remove faucet, shower head, pipe, etc. Pretty much anything with a turn or twist connection can be deal with by the strap wrench. This mean if you encounter a tough and tight can lid, the strap wrench can help you open it in no time. 

Operation principle of a strap wrench

There are quite a few strap wrench models out there, most if not all follow the same method of using. First, place the strap on the target object and loop it around. After that, you pull the strap tightly and create a snug as the ridges secure the object in place. 

The next thing to do is just like any usual wrench, turn the handle until the target object come off. If there are any obstructions from the object such as rust or substance, apply extra force till you remove it. When you feel that the strap is slippery, it can be easily replaced and the wrench will be back into action. 

Popular styles of strap wrenches


There are a total of 5 common strap wrenches you can find: metal band, rubber, woven nylon, chain and flexible plastic. For household use, the first 3 will be sufficient while the latter 2 is for automobile purposes. If you don’t perform auto repairs, just stick to the household models to save the money. 

With distinct strap material, each of these wrenches has a unique way to use. The principle and function still remain the same though so the difference is not too big. Only the securing, the pulling and the tightening require a bit of your attention. 

The overall flexibility and thickness of the materials may make you feel lost at first but don’t worry. You can find a step – by – step instruction on how to use the household strap wrenches below. Follow them slowly and carefully then you can see that it’s pretty simple to use any of the models. 

Specific way to use the strap wrenches

•Metal band models

A metal band strap wrench employs metal as the strap material. This type can help you get the most out of your body strength with its handle. The metal band appearance is almost like a ratchet with locking clasps or button locks at the end. 

In some models, you may find a swivel that will help you avoid cranking and twisting in an inconvenient position. With that feature, you can quickly start pulling the object toward the wanted direction. The way to use strap wrenches with a metal band is as follow:

  1. Open the locking pin or detach the locking clasp
  2. Wrap the band around the object
  3. Promptly pull the band taught and close the locking pin like at the start. Or slide the band back under the clasp until it’s tightly fitted and attach the clasp.
  4. Make sure the metal band is not slipping then proceed to twist and pull the object out. If the band can still wiggle then keep tightening to eliminate all possible gap. In case that the situation is not improving, consider getting another band with a smaller diameter

•Rubber strap models

As the name suggests, the strap in this wrench utilizes rubber as its material. The wrench may look kind of flimsy but if you use it right, the wrench got respectable strength. 


  1. Take the loose end of the rubber strap and wrap it around the target object.
  2. Slide the loose end through the second slot by the head of the wrench. This should be the only open slot since the first slot is already occupied with the other strap end.
  3. When you finished sliding the loose end through the slot, pull both as tight as possible. That will let you have good grip on the target object.
  4. Hold the ends tight then simply turn the wrench. There may be an auto lock mechanism in certain product but play it safe anyway

•Woven nylon models

This type work just like the rubber models, one notable difference is that the strap won’t stretch or wear out if get wet. The strap is much bigger and thicker to handle big and odd shaped objects. Woven nylon also permits a noticeably better grip than other materials. 

  1. Warp the loose end of the strap around the object.
  2. If your wrench has a handle, do the same and tighten the loose end as wit the rubber models. In the case that the wrench doesn’t have a handle, arrange the buckle away from you in a 180 degrees angle. This is the starting point for you to turn and twist.
  3. Slide the loose end back through the buckle and make it tight.
  4. Now proceed to pull the other loose strap end in the direction you want to remove the object.


And that should cover all the necessary part, easy to understand, right? Knowing how to use a strap wrench is really helpful. If you got this right, you can solve a multitude of problems by the strap wrench without breaking a sweat

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