Important Cleaning Tips on How to Wash Bath Mats

Taking care of your bath mats is important to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom. Learn how to wash bath mats as a way of cleaning bathrooms.

Having a bath mat in your bathroom should easily help you realize the benefits of having such an accessory. You can get two types of bath mats available right now. One would be made of soft and plush fabric important for absorbing the water. It would also have a rubber backing so that it prevents slipping when placed on a bathroom floor.


The other type would be used in the tub. You can expect that it would come made up entirely of rubber. The tub bath mats are crucial to prevent a person from slipping in the tub. If you have ever fallen in the tub before, then you need to get one of these.

Now that you understand the types of bath mats, it is time to check out the methods on how to wash bath mats.

​What you’ll need

  • Washing machine
  • Detergent
  • Floor bath mat
  • Tub bath mat


1. Look at the product label

When it comes to care and maintenance, the manufacturer will give you all the directions and such would be found on the product label. These are the do and don’t that you have to follow when it comes to care and maintenance of the bath mats. It is possible to find that the cleaning and drying processes would be different depending on the type of product.

2. Cleaning of a floor bath mat

One important tip would be making sure that you clean such mats more often to eliminate the buildup of germs and mildew. The reason is that you get that they are made to have fabric material that can attract and keep the dust.

You need to lift the mat and shake it to help with dislodging the dust build up over time. Removing the dust first is important so that you do not end up forming more of mud when the dust is mixed with water.

Cleaning of a floor bath mat

Load the washer with a laundry detergent and then add the bath mat. To aid with the scrubbing process, it is recommended that you throw in some bath towels too. In the end, you get to wash more of the bathroom stuff with a single cycle.

It is advisable that for the colored bath mats you get to run the washer using the cold cycle. It is important since the high temperatures are known to affect the colors, which in some cases might involve fading after losing the color through washing. In the case where all you are washing is white, then you can use the hot water cycle.

Another thing to note is that if the bath mat comes with a rubber back; you need to avoid using the dryer. You can always air it outside for it to dry. The amount of heat you get from the dryer might end up forming cracks in the rubber after many washes. With the cracks, it should make the mat less desirable. For a mat that is entirely fabric, then using the dryer should not be a problem.

3. Cleaning the tub bath mat

Cleaning the tub bath mat

These should be cleaned more often too. Most manufacturers recommend that you get to clean them while cleaning the tub.

Using a bathroom cleaner and a brush, you should easily scrub the surfaces of the mats. With one side cleaned, you can now flip the mat and clean the underside too. It is crucial that you get to clean both sides as the mildew and germs can easily accumulate on it especially the bottom where it is not often seen.

This time you do not need to use a washer, as it is a simple process of scrubbing the mat with a brush. You get to do it right, and you should have the clean mats in just a few minutes.

With the scrubbing done, proceed to wash the mat to rinse all the detergent and leave it outdoors to dry. You can still hang it on the clothesline for drying depending on the weight.

Another tip would be washing such mats outdoors by using your garden hose. You would have a lot of access to water still and scrub the dirt out of the mats making them clean once again.

The video below is important to give you additional tips on how to clean bath mats


As you can see, the shower mats play a major role in ensuring there is a better safety in the bathroom. There will be no more slips and falls often caused by having water in the shower or the tub. Keep in mind that over time these mats get dirty, and so it is the reason you have to keep them clean. Having the dirty mats is just a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and foot fungus. These are things that you do not want around your bathroom. With the method above, you should be in a position to easily tackle the cleaning of bath mats.

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Shwan Marsh - September 12, 2017

My new washroom floor mats turned to yellow over the wash. This has happened each time I purchase new mats and wash them. Is it conceivable to dispose of the yellow? How would I keep this from occurring later on.

I have attempted cold water and Woolite, consistent washing powder with baking soda to soften water and simply cleanser alone. It doesn’t appear to make a difference which strategy. I have even attempted warm water to wash.


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