Interior Design Trends 2025

Interior Design Trends 2025

Smart consumption, innovative technologies, environmental friendliness and comfort – for several years now, the reflection of these topics has been the number one task in all areas of life. Therefore, the trends in interior design in 2025 will reflect the current trends in society.

Environmental friendliness and natural materials

Interior Trends 2025

The trend towards sustainability is directly related to the desire to be closer to nature, so this movement is reflected in the design. Every year, naturalness strengthens its position in everything. The society comes to rational and conscious consumption. Add bright accents with indoor plants or create a small garden on the balcony – that’s what awaits us in 2025.

Items made from recycled or natural raw materials are in demand. This year, materials that are easily adaptable to different styles and are environmentally friendly will be relevant: wood, glass, stone, wool, cotton, clay, ceramics.

Wood furniture, especially walnut, oak, ash and teak will be in demand. An untreated tree with knots, various irregularities and cracks will be especially appreciated. The wooden texture is perfectly combined with concrete and velvet, creating comfort and coziness.

Particular attention will be paid to glass. Glass in the manufacture of furniture makes it lighter and more concise. Panoramic windows, interior partitions, lamps, shelves, vases and dishes – all this will find its place in a modern interior. The combination of glass and technology has created a new kind of smart glass material. Smart glass is a technology with a variable transparency function. The system consists of two layers of glass, between which is placed a film of liquid crystal material. In off mode, the liquid crystals scatter light, and the film looks matte, opaque. When electricity is applied, the crystals begin to move, change their position, and the film becomes completely transparent. However, regardless of which mode is enabled, the light transmission property remains unchanged.

Marble will be popular. From the accent material, it goes into the main one: flooring, walls, window sills, kitchen surfaces, fireplace portals, etc. Marble goes well with leather and metal elements, which also corresponds to the point about environmental friendliness and naturalness. If you want to make a trendy interior more budgetary, turn your attention to decorative plasters. A series of decorative materials from Maxima-decor creates the effect of marble, concrete and other natural stones. A nice bonus is that some decorative materials can be applied not only to walls and ceilings, but also to furniture.

Natural colors

Interior Design Trends 2025

When it comes to color, natural colors reign supreme in 2025. The hit of the exhibition in Milan was the green color, but not bright, but more muted – grassy. It is great for decorating walls, furniture and sanitary ware, and will also emphasize a space that has indoor plants.

Green color goes well with brown, so it is not surprising that the second most popular shade is spicy honey. In different variations, it takes on an amber, sandy, caramel tone, and in combination with different lighting, it can soothe and relax, or vice versa, stimulate action and energize.

As for the trendy shades, the mint color takes the leading position. Some consider it too bright and bold, but it fits well with the trend of using natural colors, because it is the color of wildlife and the spring garden. It looks stylish when the accent is one wall. Mint color can be combined with floral patterns, geometric shapes, or more neutral colors.

Has its fans and dark blue color. However, its role is to dilute the interior, to give it mystery and grace. Dark blue color looks most advantageous with white.

In general, shades of blue fall into interior design trends every year. Blue is always associated with sky, sea and water. In addition, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, calms and normalizes the emotional state, because the main function of color is to create comfort and a sense of peace of mind.

Completes the top five trendy shades – burgundy color. Only the brave are not afraid to use it to implement interior solutions. Ideal burgundy looks in large and spacious rooms, and textiles in this shade look elegant and elegant.


Interior Design Trends 2025

Another interior trend for 2025 is authenticity. Asceticism, functional practicality and neutral colors are a thing of the past. They are replaced by unique art objects and things that are dear to the heart. But do not confuse authenticity and the use of antiques. Antiques are things that most often did not belong to you and were bought at a flea market, while authenticity is associated with things that were kept by your family and have their own history.

The main task of authenticity is to give new life to old things. In this way, you enliven the look of your home and do not spend money on buying new things. Smart consumption teaches us to look for ways to reuse different materials in new forms. Do not rush to throw away grandmother’s chests, chairs or lamps, perhaps these items will become a fashionable accent of your interior.

Your home is a place of power and inspiration, so fill it with things that will give you joy and pleasure. Follow the trends, listen to yourself and create beauty around.

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