The kitchen-living room: Cozy and perfectly integrated

The kitchen-living room: Cozy and perfectly integrated

There is no one optimal design option for the kitchen-living room, because as we all know, tastes are different and whatever you like is always allowed. While some people place special value on clear and chic lines, others like it like in the Mediterranean, where even the pans and pots hang on the wall for everyone to see.

We have the open kitchen-living room to thank for various innovations in the area of ​​kitchen appliances. Extractor hoods are no longer bulky devices, but are discreetly hidden in tall cabinets or under hobs. Small electrical appliances, on the other hand, now look like stylish design objects and fit seamlessly into the selected living concept in terms of color and material.

Nordic-looking furniture made of light pine and white elements is particularly popular at the moment. “Industrial Chic,” on the other hand, originally comes from America and the furniture sometimes appears particularly rustic with its largely natural work surfaces and table tops.

As different as the styles are today, the design options are just as varied. In addition to the nautical style, you can also use a little art to design your kitchen if necessary. So this place becomes a small exhibition space where you can cook and enjoy things at the same time. For example, a few selected books look very decorative and homely, even directly on the table. Wind chimes and sculptures are also great for adding character and charm to a kitchen-living room. And don’t forget fresh flowers.

Set up dining area

Indispensable in every kitchen-living room: the dining area! It is completely open whether this is

  • the classic dining table,
  • a counter or kitchen island,
  • a cooking table or
  • a variable table solution.

What is crucial is the integration of the dining area into the kitchen with an open view of the living area. The kitchen and living room merge even more closely. And anyone who likes to communicate with their guests while cooking will hardly want to leave the kitchen-living room.

Another advantage of seeing the dining area and kitchen as a unit: the dining table or counter can at least temporarily serve as a shelf or even a work surface when cooking.

The lighting concept of the kitchen-living room

In closed rooms, different lighting concepts can be used depending on the use of the space. Functional aspects are usually crucial for kitchens.

In the kitchen-living room, however, both aspects flow into one another: living space design and functional light. The kitchen-living room requires:

  • Functional, precise, glare-free work light over work surfaces, on the sink and on the cooking surface
  • Mood lighting that effectively highlights the highlights of the kitchen-living room
  • Glare-free islands of light above the dining and comfort areas of the kitchen-living room

Anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen-living room to read, work or enjoy their first coffee of the day prefers pleasant light. On the other hand, work lighting, such as that needed for preparing meals, significantly reduces the feel-good factor.

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Modern electrical devices often take up this idea: They offer soft background lighting or cleverly combine different functions. A symbiosis of a steam extractor hood and kitchen light is not only logical – but can also be surprisingly stylish.

Three predominant design directions

How do you cleverly implement a kitchen-living room? There are three basic ways of thinking here.

1. The modular kitchen

she is the extreme form of the open kitchen-living room, because the boundaries between kitchen, dining room and living room are completely eliminated. Which gives lots of creative freedom and is particularly practical in small kitchens: compact furniture is of course more popular here than expansive cooking landscapes. And with the concept of the kitchen-living room, you no longer have a special room or space to fill. The kitchen is as big or small, as conspicuous or as inconspicuous as you want.

Practical aspect: The individual components of the kitchen can be freely combined. And this is extremely practical, especially when moving – or if you would like to redesign. They offer as much storage space as is needed. Order and clarity come first and so everything is always at hand.

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Occasionally these kitchens are divided into three areas:

  1. The “workbench” including sink, cooking zone and dining area.
  2. The “equipment cupboard”, which includes, among other things, the refrigerator and oven.
  3. As well as the “work cupboard” in which all accessories are immediately visible and within reach.

Sometimes such kitchens stand on elegant metal feet and are hardly recognizable as such. They look more like statement furniture and still have a very practical purpose.

Another advantage of the modular approach: You can adapt it to the room as you wish and combine the furnishings with other furniture. It is precisely this flowing transition, the breaking down of previous boundaries, that makes the kitchen-living room so attractive.

2. New country house style

A classic, rustic farmhouse kitchen is rarely desired these days. But a modern interpretation of these rustic models is very popular. They are more generous and straightforward than their predecessors. Instead of the traditional wood colors, muted, more delicate color variations can be found on fronts and kitchen niches. The typical shell handles are replaced by more subtle handle buttons. Even handle-free country house kitchens are conceivable.

High-quality natural materials such as wood, natural stone and ceramics continue to play an important role. They radiate warmth and offer a special tactile experience. Knife handles made of aromatic wood or handmade porcelain plates round off the sensual experience of the new country house kitchen.

This type of kitchen-living room is perfect for anyone who values ​​the special appearance of these shapes and materials in other parts of their home.

3. Modern Classic

But it can also be done in a very simple and unfussy way. Fans of a minimalist furnishing style are also in good hands with a kitchen-living room.

Stainless steel plays an important role here. Until now, this has mainly been found in professional commercial kitchens. It looks particularly modern and impressive in combination with matt lacquered surfaces.

Dark colors also add modern accents. Kitchen fronts in black, anthracite or other dark tones usually fit perfectly into minimalist living styles. The living room and kitchen seem inseparable, the kitchen itself is more of a stylistic device than a functional space – and that is exactly the goal of the kitchen-living room.

And otherwise it’s about not disturbing the simple, elegant impression. Handleless cupboard doors and drawers are part of this and many good ideas for hiding everyday utensils and still keeping them within reach.

In a kitchen-living room you will often find a kitchen island combined with floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets. The previously ubiquitous base sometimes disappears and the free-standing island almost becomes a monument.

If you dare to go a step further, you can completely combine the cooking and dining areas: cooking tables appear almost graceful. They include both the necessary technology for the induction field and enough space to sit down like at the classic dining table.


Eat-in kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. That’s no wonder: they are practical and also create additional living space. So that you can particularly enjoy the ambience, we recommend furnishing this room with attention to detail and always in keeping with the rest of the room.

Different designs come into question, such as the maritime style, the trendy version, the nostalgic version or vintage and ethnic elements. You don’t have to limit yourself to a single style, because it’s now not only allowed to live out a visual mix of styles, it’s even encouraged.

The prospect of sitting down at the cozy kitchen table after work is both inspiring and motivating. If you like, you can create a true oasis of herbs and enjoyment in your kitchen and enjoy the pleasant scents and the pretty look.

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