The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home Interior

All house owners want to make their home fresh and bright but not many know how to do it right. Well, if you are in need of a way to improve your house aesthetic value, this article is for you. Down below is the ultimate guide to decorating your home interior, it shall help you with your house makeover plan.

Different people would have different preferences so you don’t have to follow the information here in an inflexible manner. Feel free to improvise and make additional changes to better match your personal taste, this is your house after all. As long as the changes are necessary then they should have a positive impact on the house layout and arrangement.

  • The odd numbers rule

the interior objects and house furniture in odd number groups

The interior objects and house furniture in odd number groups

By neatly setting up the interior objects and house furniture in odd number groups, it would make everything more appealing. It’s a straightforward concept but the rule should enhance the attractiveness of the interior details and make them memorable. Of course, you cannot simply group together a random set of items, you have to consider each object characteristic carefully.

There should be some uniform features in a group but don’t make thing boring by using the same objects.  To keep it simple, the items must have something that links them together but each of them is nonetheless unique.  For a quick example, you are often advised to assemble a set of objects with similar color and different height.

Generally, setting up your interior with an odd number of objects is a much better choice compare to even pairing.  However, this is a basic rule and there is a good chance that it would not sit well with everyone. In the case you feel the grouping style is not your cup of tea then just go with your gut.

  • The focal point of the roomhow-to-remove-a-gas-fireplace

  • How to locate it

The room focal point is the place that instantly drawn the attention of your eyes when you enter the place. You could say that the focal point of the room is the most emphasized spot with supporting features around it. If you don’t how to properly decorate the room then locating room focal point would be a good start.

For most of the time, the average room should have a couple of built-in focal points here and there. Some notable examples in the category include a sizable window with all around view or a warm and cozy fireplace. No need to worry if your room possesses nothing likes the above since it’s very simple to make one.

A large size painting or mirror should serve you well as the room focal point in a variety of setting. The room purpose would also dictate the point, Ex: The focal point of a reading room should be a bookshelf. Painting a wall in a unique color compare to other walls and surrounding it by artworks would do as well.

  • How to decorate it

Once you re able to locate the room focal point, all you have to do now is to decorate it. The color of the point would be your main decorating theme in order to make sure the spot stand out. You could consider painting the surrounding of the focal point in an entirely different color to emphasize its appearance further.

To frame the focal point using a series of windows, sofas and vases is a rather good idea as well. The method works very well with fireplaces because they come with a convenient mantle which let you arrange decorating item. You could also frame large size mirror, artwork and window by setting up two smaller elements by their sides too.

After the focal point is properly established, the next thing you should do is to find the room center point. It serves as a support for the focal point, the center point is not always in the room middle portion. You could think of it as the room anchor, Ex: The center point of a living room is its table.

  • Basic rules of measurement


Silhouette shadings curtains

When it comes to interior layout, many people simply measure everything with their eyes alone and it’s quite inadequate. In reality, there are specific measurements you should definitely obey in order to keep the room linear and well organized. From TV distance to hanging curtain, follow these basic rules would make the room look better and easy to navigate.

The recommended distance between the coffee tables and your sofas should be around 15 – 18 inches in the usual case.  About artworks, you better hang them roughly 56 – 60 inches off the ground which keep them at eye level. In the case of curtains, you could mount the curtain mounting rods about 4 inches above the window top section.

Some measurements would change depending on the size of the furniture such as the distance between the TV and sofa. You need to take the TV diagonal size and multiply by two in order to figure out the ideal distance. For the formula of other flexible measurements, you could look them up on the Internet, they are easy to find.

  • Rules of laying rugs



There are three rules laying rugs you could follow: Front on, All on and All off

  • Front on: It means you would place two of the sofa and table front feet on the rugs. It helps you tie everything together and emit a feeling of openness.
  • All on: For rugs with appropriate length and width, you could place all the legs of your furniture on them. You are advised to leave about 12 – 18 inches of floor surface around the rug though.
  • All off: Should you have a limited size rug then it’s probably best to keep the furniture legs off it completely.


And that is all you should know about interior decorating and item arrangement, pretty simple to understand, right? While the rules above would not work all the times, they are helpful guidelines to follow nonetheless. Feel free to mix in your own idea and you should have a pretty nice interior at the end of the day.

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