What is a Prehung Door? Tips for Getting the Best One

If you are always wondering what is a prehung door, you are at the right place to learn more what it is all about. Learn more about its benefits too.

Are you looking to install a new door? Well, you would end up meeting different types of doors available on the market today. One of the most common types should be the prehung door. This type of door will always get many people interested in using it. Get to learn more about it below.


What is a pre-hung door?

You might be thinking to yourself now what a prehung door is all about. The prehung door is the type of door that comes already installed in a door frame. The traditional doors would come separate from the frame and with no hinges. The prehung model comes intact in the frame and also with the hinges.

You can see that the prehung doors are easy to install as compared to the traditional doors. You simply have to set it into place and get it installed. No need to start measuring the gaps just to make sure that the door fits well into the frame, which sometimes can be a nightmare.

Benefits of Prehung Doors

The installation

One thing that would get many people going for the prehung doors should be because of the insulation properties they have to offer. The doors would have a hollow core structure, but they would often feature a thermal core necessary for providing the weather insulation just are needed.

With the door already tight fitting, you can expect that no cold would be sipping through the door easily. Such a feature eliminates the need to install an additional weather stripping when installing the door. This would only happen to the traditional doors.

One quick thing to keep in mind is that you take note of the weather stripping on the pre-hung door. Make sure that the striping is still tight around the door to provide a better seal for the different weather conditions.

Installation process

As you know by now, the prehung door comes with the door already installed in the frame, making the installation process to be much faster. The best part you can easily do it as a personal project at home rather than having to call in a professional to do it.

With such installation convenience, you would get the model popular among people who like DIY projects. That being in mind, you still have to consider the measurements of the door. Make sure that the pre-hung door has the exact measurements that can fit in your doorway properly. You do not want to start doing major modifications whether to the doorway or the door itself.

If the prehung door installation goes according to plan, you should be done in time and start using it.

​Below is a video on how to install the prehung doors

Multiple door options available

If you are going to choose a prehung door, you would quickly notice that they all come in different options in terms of design and made of different materials. With multiple options available, you can easily get to choose a model that meets your needs and desires.

You can get most of them coming in different colors too as an option. Depending on your current colors of the house, you can always end up with the best model that can complement the existing colors in the house.

You could use the help of a friend when it comes to finding the best model that can easily fit within the existing decorations.

How to choose the best prehung door?

You definitely have to measure the opening where you are going to install the prehung door. It is recommended that the prehung unit is at least one inch smaller all round. This should give you an easy time of sliding the door into its position.

You need to understand what you would be getting from the different materials you would get being used to make the prehung doors. The fiberglass doors would often be cheaper and offer as a practical solution for most people. If you choose wooden material, it can be exquisite, but it can also be expensive.

Ask about some of the finish options available for the prehung models. You need a model with the right end with a history of performing better as compared to other finish types.

The energy efficiency is something you still need to keep in mind. Most of the prehung doors would come with the energy star rating program. The aim is to show you how you would benefit from the insulated doors. These units would end up serving you better if you understand every technical property they have to offer.


There are some benefits associated to the prehung doors as shown above. You can always end up enjoying them more once you get to install them in your house. The ease of installation is something that gets more people choosing this type of doors. Share your comments and questions in the comment section below.

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Becca Holton - October 3, 2017

I appreciated that tip about how beneficial it is to be aware of every technical property. I’m planning on having some renovations done to my home. One of the things I want to make sure to change is the doors because the one I own are quite old and worn.


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