What is the best way to find a property? Tips, tricks and the most important information

Whether you get behind the keys yourself and start looking for your dream property online or offline or have it done externally is not just a question of personal preferences and your wallet, but is also worth some deeper consideration.

Advantages and disadvantages of not using a broker

If you want to deal with every detail of the property search in an unfiltered manner, you can do it yourself and remain independent. However, this means that a significant amount of time is required. Who Buy a house in Worms If you want to buy and start your search in the spring, for example, you can get bogged down in the little details without an agent and still not have found a property by Christmas. As a neutral, external advisor, the broker has the big picture in mind. After an in-depth consultation in which the status quo of all real estate wishes is determined, a broker conducts a targeted search and presents only relevant results. Furthermore, a real estate agent ensures legal certainty in the seller-buyer transaction.

Buy, build or rent property?

Thought spirals can also develop when looking for real estate as to whether it is more lucrative to rent a property instead of buying it or even building it yourself. All three variants have their advantages and disadvantages. What is particularly important here is a possible desire for flexibility.


If you know in advance that in ten years the job may no longer be possible near your current home, you don’t have to forego owning your own home thanks to the rental model. In addition, the rental amount to be paid can be cheaper than the repayment amount of a loan. Any savings that can be achieved from this can, for example, be used for retirement planning.


Buying a house, on the other hand, is the better solution for everyone who expects their dream property to not only be a home, but also an asset. Since a purchased house later becomes part of the inheritance it can benefit future generations. This also applies to new buildings.


A home built using solid construction can last well beyond 100 years and develop its added value. Last but not least, a house you build yourself or built by a property developer offers extensive potential for a highly individual design. In particular, barrier-free houses can be tailored precisely to the needs of residents with limited mobility.

Realistic assessment of personal needs when buying real estate

Even if your dreams are big, there is always a risk of overextending yourself financially when looking for real estate. In order not to regret one or two decisions later, it is advisable to differentiate between what is essential and what is not necessary.

A childless couple who works from home needs about the same amount of space in their new home as a family with a child. But perhaps it is not absolutely necessary to treat yourself to a separate dressing room if a well-thought-out layout of the rooms does the same. Is your personal inventory so extensive that you can’t avoid a combination of attic and basement? Or can you not do without a hobby cellar because of your own hobby? A house with Laundry chute is definitely an architectural highlight, but with its structural features it can cost a lot of money. It may be enough to set up a separate laundry room that can also be used as a storage room.

Think about tomorrow today

Anyone who is in the middle of life and wants to fulfill their dream of owning a property would be well advised to take a look into the future. Considerations range from barrier-free solutions to the question of whether it could be a condominium instead of a house, which is easier to maintain physically as you get older.

One Cantilever staircase Although it is ultra-chic, it may prove to be of little use later if you have any physical limitations as you get older. An old apartment is unsuitable for walk-in showers because the installation height for supply lines is too low. If you can’t get by without stairs, you may need a stair lift as you get older. A property with a clever floor plan provides the necessary space for installation. It’s never a bad idea to think outside the box when looking for real estate.

Once fixed, unchangeable: location of the property

Making the wrong decision on this point can shattered your real estate dream faster than you would like. Hardly anything is as important when looking for real estate as the choice of property. That’s why you should invest a lot of time and well-thought-out considerations in this point of research. Who wants to buy a supposedly quiet property where, once you move in, it turns out that a neighbor’s circular saw is ringing regularly? If your professional activity shifts primarily to your home office, a tram rattling past is not a good idea. But perhaps there is also a desire to treat yourself to cultural enjoyment without having to get in the car and drive countless kilometers. With all such considerations, what is hip today can be a big nuisance tomorrow.

It is also ideal to choose a property that is close to your domicile

  • supermarkets and fashion stores
  • doctors and hospitals
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • City parks and local recreation areas

as well as family members and friends that you would like to see more often.

A property in a well-off suburb with excellent connections to the inner city tangent may be the dream property in the future. However, if you find a property with such an excellent location, you should be prepared that the price can be a lot higher than comparable properties. Furthermore, such a property is often sold in no time. Hesitation can then cost you the property you want (here it makes sense to work closely with a professional and experienced real estate company). Last but not least, it can take a while until such an existing property is offered. Those who are not in a hurry and have patience have an advantage here.

Charming treasures of bygone times: Advantages of old buildings

Properties that have already been lived in by other people are often very fascinating. In some respects they are even ahead of new buildings. In particular, apartments and houses that have existed for many decades impress with their historical character. They have elements that have become rare, such as stucco, and are often listed as historical monuments due to their historical uniqueness. What is a reason for some property buyers to stay away from such a property is interesting for others.

For example, stucco can now be easily reproduced, but these are often less valuable imitations. A building with a cross vault is a real rarity that exudes atmosphere and does not appear equally valuable even in a modern replica. In addition, monument protection serves to preserve cultural assets and values ​​that are not only material, but also ideal. If you want to buy from the outset with the idea of ​​selling the property later, invest in a sophisticated old apartment or a mansion for a future lucrative sales price. If the property is rented, higher rental prices may be charged for such a piece of jewelry, taking into account the local rent index.

Energy standards – from properties in need of renovation to energy efficiency properties

When looking for a property, it’s hard to ignore the topic of energy efficiency standards. Only legislation ensures that renewable energies are taken into account, especially in new buildings. If you want to avoid renovation and the associated organizational and cost effort, you are well advised to choose a young property that already meets energy standards. This is rarely the case with historical buildings. Here it is important to compare the energy efficiency options with any monument protection regulations and explore the best option for yourself. If you just decide on a plot of land to build a tiny house, a city villa or a cube on, the local conditions for geothermal heat pump drilling etc. should be examined. If existing properties do not allow the integration of photovoltaic systems, there may be a garage or carport whose roof can be equipped with solar thermal modules.

Outdoor facilities – essential considerations for personal living comfort

Outdoor facilities give the new home a green soul and can be designed to suit your own personal wishes. When looking for real estate, you are well advised to not only focus on the size and furnishings of the building, but also take the surrounding area into account in your own considerations. If you want to build a sauna in the garden, it may require more effort to ensure sufficient privacy in a busy location. If the building is located on the bank, the issue of flood protection should be firmly on the agenda and receive attention. If you want to build an outdoor pool but choose a house with a terrace and garden facing north, you will hardly be able to enjoy any rays of sunshine when swimming in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. If you want to create an outdoor playground where children can really let off steam, the house should ideally be in an area where the neighbors are tolerant or perhaps parents of small children themselves.

In addition, the house vehicle requires a parking space – if possible on the property. Some properties only provide a single parking space. If this is a garage, that’s nice, but if you have a second car you should check whether it can be parked in front of the garage door. Otherwise, a double garage may be an option.


When looking for a top property, there are literally many roads that lead to Rome. It is ideal if there is a balance between your own wishes, what is really necessary and the costs incurred for the property. A look into the future saves costly, later conversion measures.

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